Career Opportunities for April

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Now that Spring is here, there is no time like NOW for you to start a great new career opportunity. This could be your time for a new beginning with at great new career. If you are still looking for a great employment opportunity, perhaps this latest list of employment opportunities maybe just what you have been hoping and praying for. Take a look at the list below and if any of the opportunities seem interesting to you, simply click on the link to learn how you can apply. You never know, one of these career opportunities just may turn out to be your next dream job.

Monster Career Search

However if none of these opportunities sound appealing you can search for your dream job using the on-line monster job search that is located to the right of this blog. Simply type in the keywords that reflect the dream job that you are looking for and the ideal location, then click search for your results. All available career opportunities will be displayed below.

Assistant to the Project Manager                                 St Petersburg, Florida
Assistant Athletic Trainer                                               Ferrum, Virginia
Assistant Professor of Art – 9 Month Position        Ferrum, Virginia
HR/Safety Manager                                                           Des Moines, Iowa
Electronic Installation Technician                             Manhattan, Kansas
Full Time Retail Sales                                                       Manhattan, Kansas
Life Coach                                                                             Alvo, Nebraska
Life Coach                                                                             Ashland, New Hampshire
Life Coach                                                                             Airmont, New York
Classroom Assistants                                                       Russell, Kansas



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