SVB’s as a Visual Form of Prayer!

You can use spiritual vision boards as a visual form of prayer.

Spiritual Vision Boards are an excellent tool that I’ve relied on to manifest and receive …

  • My husband
  • My dream job
  • My dream car
  • Our dream home
  • A healthy lifestyle

Let me walk you through the easy 4-step process that literally changed my life.

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SVB Testimonial

“The spiritual vision board helped me develop an actual plan when it comes to my career and future.”
SVB testimonial from K. G.

I love sharing with my clients and students how Spiritual Vision Boards can be used to achieve personal and professional goals.

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Transform Your Mindset!

Your mindset is directly connected to and impacted by how you perceive the world.

If your perception is positive your outlook and behavior can produce opportunities for growth, fulfillment, and abundance.

However, if your perception is negative, it is likely that a stronghold is impacting your mindset, which can result in a lack of opportunities for growth, prosperity, and fulfillment.

Don’t allow negative strongholds to keep you from the great life that God has promised you. Learn how to transform your mindset, eliminate strongholds, and perceive the world through a new lens of faith. I can teach you how in the upcoming Spiritual Vision Board Academy.

Patience, Discernment, Persistence, and Prayer

Recently, someone asked what I share with clients that keep them encouraged when looking for their dream job. 

I shared how important it is not to rush the process. And how important it is to ensure that clients not only land their dream job but also identify and select a position where the work environment is the best fit. 

This process takes …



Persistence, and


Patience not to accept any job offer that comes along; discernment to know when the offer is or is not the best fit. And persistence to continue applying after receiving a few rejections. 

I also encourage my clients to pray. And I pray for them. There’s synergy when two or more pray in agreement with a goal that aligns with God’s plan for a person’s life.

There’s a dream job for everyone, so stay encouraged, remain patient, practice discernment, be persistent and pray without ceasing until your dream job comes your way.

The Deeper Your Faith…

“Your faith can be as small as a mustard seed, (Matthew 17:20) but the deeper your faith, the bigger your blessings.”

This quote is an excerpt from the #1 bestselling book Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board.

To have faith means to believe, trust, and have confidence in God. God desires to develop a personal relationship with us, and the more we trust and have confidence in Him and His promise to answer prayer, the more our faith grows.

But we must be mindful that although God has a plan for each of our lives (Jeremiah 29:11), everything that we ask for in prayer, we may not always receive. And we should not allow that to discourage us or negatively impact our level of faith. On the contrary. If we decide to align our goals with His great plan for our life, then our prayers will agree with His will. And He will answer them (1 John 5:14).

When you pray in agreement with God, you will receive the desires of your heart, and your faith will grow and deepen.  Interested in learning more about effectively communicating with God through prayer and manifesting the desires of your heart? Then stay tuned for my upcoming Spiritual Vision Board Academy.

Verbalize Your Faith!!!

Speak in agreement with God
using affirmations based on scripture.

Affirmations and mantras are powerful tools to speak into existence the life that God wants you to have.

That’s why I developed 75 affirmations and mantras based on scripture that you can use to verbalize your faith and speak the things that are not as though they were (Romans 4:17).

Proverbs 18:21 tells us that the power of life and death is in the tongue. So, speak life into your circumstances and download this powerful guide. You will begin seeing how speaking scripture into your life daily will increase your faith and help you to manifest the desires of your heart.

Click on the link below to receive the 75 affirmations and mantras based on scripture.

Spiritual affirmations and mantras.

AskDrCris LIVE on Wednesday!

I’m so excited to present for the organization that supported me in authoring my first book – Writers In The Spirit (WITS).

I’ve learned so much about writing, and marketing, including how to become a #1bestselling author. Which is one of the secrets that I’ll share on Wednesday, June 1st.

I’ll also share how using the spiritual vision board process is so effective. Hope you can join me!

Start Your Spiritual Vision Board

Have you started creating your spiritual vision board yet?

Spiritual Vision Boards (SVB) are a great tool to communicate with God. SVB can serve as a reminder of specific prayer requests or confirm that you have aligned your goals with God’s plan for your life.

For more than a decade, I have helped Christians manifest and receive their heart’s desire by using the SVB. And I’ve been blessed time and time again.

If you need help getting started with your SVB, download my FREE SVB “Getting Started” guide. Click the link below.

SVB Getting Started Guide

Achieve Your Goals with an SVB!

What makes a spiritual vision board different from all the rest?

Using scripture and including God in the process.

Some of you have heard my story of how I used a vision board that didn’t work. But once I created a spiritual vision board, everything changed!

God blessed me with my…

  • Husband
  • Dream Job
  • 2 Dream Cars
  • Dream Home

And the list goes on and on.

Creating and using a spiritual vision board instead of a traditional vision board means that you are aligning your goals with God’s plan for your life. And doesn’t God want His best for you? So why are you settling for less?

Let me know if I can help you create a spiritual vision board.