You Owe it to Yourself!

As hard as some of us try, the success rate of New Year’s resolutions decreases as time progresses. Typically, this decrease occurs after the first week in January.

However, I have great news! New Year’s Resolutions are simply goals. And one of the best ways to maintain your goals is to create a spiritual vision board!

I have consistently met my personal and professional goals over the past decade using this 4-step method based on the #1 bestselling book Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board. And I know that you can be equally as successful. You owe it to yourself to become everything that You have envisioned. So, get started creating your spiritual vision board today!

If you need help getting started, download my FREE spiritual vision board “Getting Started” guide. Just click on the link below!

Spiritual Vision Board “Getting Started” Guide

Revise Your Spiritual Vision Board for 2022!

Sometimes we may need a different perspective to start our New Year off with clarity.  So, this year, hubby and I vacationed at one of our favorite spots in South Carolina, The Wild Dunes Resort, and enjoyed some quiet time together to relax, unwind, and celebrate all that God has blessed us with.

Typically, I like to complete Step #4 – REVISE of the spiritual vision board process at the end of each year; but this year, I decided to wait just a little longer so that I could make sure that my goals for 2022 aligned with God’s goals and plans for my life.

The long walks on the beach and warm winter South Carolina winds helped me reevaluate my priorities and focus more on what God has in store for me this year. The picture used for this graphic is from one of those long walks.

If you haven’t started revising your spiritual vision board, or if this is the first time you are creating a spiritual vision board, I have good news. You don’t have to walk on the beach to get started, but you can download a FREE “Getting Started Guide” to help. Or if you need further guidance, order the #1 best-selling book Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board. Just click on either link below.

Good Luck!

FREE “Getting Started Guide”

#1 Bestseller Visual Prayer  

God’s Great Plan for Your Life!

One of my favorite scriptures 🙏🏽 is Jeremiah 29:11; “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

The plans that God 😇 has for each of us are great. Each plan is uniquely designed to fulfill the deep yearnings of your soul and propel you into a future that’s beyond more than you could ever think of or hope for.

As we approach a new year 🥳 think about 2022 as a new beginning for you to activate and manifest God’s great plan for your life. You can start by using a spiritual vision board that reflects the goals and desires that God has placed on your heart to manifest. Pick up your copy of the #1 best seller Visual Prayer and learn how to manifest God’s great plan for your life.

Immerse Yourself in Your Vision!

While meditating on the images, affirmations, and mantras, immerse yourself in the vision you created using a spiritual vision board.

Then experience the joy, happiness, and sense of accomplishment that you will encounter once your blessing manifests. This practice of immersion is called visualization, and it extends your levels of faith. It signifies to God that not only are you waiting patiently and expectantly, but you are envisioning how your life will change once you receive the desires of your hearts.

When you visualize, you live in the moment of receiving your blessing. So, take a moment today to immerse yourself in your blessing, and then wait patiently and expectantly for your manifestation.

Excerpt from the #1 bestseller Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board. Pick up your copy today!

Wait for the Appointed Time!

“Wait for Your Blessing, for the Vision is yet for an appointed time.”

Waiting can be challenging when you are wondering when your vision will manifest.

But it’s how you wait that will determine the trajectory of your blessing.

This scripture goes on to say that “though it tarries or lingers, wait for it; because it will surely come.”

So, while you wait, consider practicing your faith by waiting expectantly, knowing that the appointed time is right around the corner.

Stay positive and encouraged.

Start your mornings speaking affirmations and mantras.

Trust that your vision is connected to something bigger than you could ever imagine or hope for.

And lastly, know that the vision will “not lie” (Habakkuk 2.3).

Stay Encouraged!

Trying to stay positive can be challenging when so much going on around us is disappointing.  But there are a few faithful habits that I rely on for encouragement. Hopefully, these habits can encourage you too!

✔️Rejoice as you Hope

I like to sing songs of praise throughout the day. I rejoice in the Lord for all the blessings that I have already received, as well as the blessings that I know are on the way. When I rejoice in anticipation of blessings it gives me hope.

✔️Remain Patient During Disappointments

There’s a saying that I’ve heard repeated often during times of disappointment – “this to shall pass.” With a prolonged pandemic, effects of climate change, and circumstances that simply come with life, we have all experienced some challenging times. But I’m encouraged to know that, with time and patience, as we trust in Him we will make it through these challenging times.

✔️Pray without Ceasing

It’s comforting to know that there’s someone you can call on 24/7 and He is always there rain or shine. Having a personal relationship with God means I can talk to Him about anything at any time, and He will always be there.

Excerpt from the #1 bestseller Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board

Stay Encouraged My Friends!

See It In Your Mind!

Visualization is a powerful tool.

And it all starts by planting a seed in your mind. Then imagining what it would feel like to experience it.

Your dreams could be your reality. Are you willing to try?

“For if you can SEE it in Your Mind, You will HOLD it in your Hand”

Happy at Your New Job?

So, you recently accepted a new position. And after working there a few weeks you begin to question – are you happy? Or has your new boss asked you if you were happy with your job? Only one of my bosses during my entire work history has ever asked me if I was happy working at an organization. When he asked, he then took the time to listen to my response, and I felt reassured that my happiness at work was important to him. And that he was genuinely interested in whatever he could do to help make my transition into a new job and organization as pleasant as possible.

When it comes to finding a certain level of happiness at a new job there are some factors that are within your control. Being aware of these factors could make the difference when planning your next career move. Here are just a few recommendations of what you should consider when strategizing for your next employment opportunity.

Conduct an Informational Interview

It’s okay to learn as much as you can about a potential employer before you take on a new position. Make inquiries about the position, the organization, and any aspect that you may need clarification on before you take on a new role.

Know Your Strengths

Another name for your strengths is your gifts – spiritual gifts. These are the natural abilities that you have been blessed with to perform a task or job description. When seeking new employment opportunities seek out opportunities that utilize your gifts or strengths.

Stay Focused

Know that the specific job(s) that will bring you happiness is attainable, but it’s up to you not to get distracted by applying for positions that are not in your best interest. Rely on your intuition as a guide to help you identify positions that you are a great fit for. If you don’t have peace about it – don’t apply.

Charlotte Crown Presents – Dr. Cris

The Charlotte Crown Black Real Estate Association welcomes Crystal Green Brown, Ph.D., a Spiritual Life Coach certified in career development, education, health, and nutrition. This best-selling author has written several books including ‘Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board” and a wellness book, How to be School-Girl Skinny.”

This month’s meeting is a wake-up call to not only invest in your businesses but also in your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Let’s face it: without one’s health, there is no foundation to build the life of one’s dreams. Dr. Cris will provide a blueprint of steps to get started followed by Q & A on some of the most pressing issues facing business owners and entrepreneurs.