Career Trends for 2021

Career trends for 2021 have everything to do with the impact of the pandemic. And although there’s some hope with news of a vaccine, the reality is this strange new normal will continue to persist into the first quarter of 2021.

With that in mind, for those of you who are considering transitioning to a new career, strategists at Career Group Companies have developed a great list of careers that are gaining traction in the industry, but most experts agree that the #1 position that organizations have transitioned to is the hybrid role. Why? Primarily it’s more cost effective.

Hybrid Jobs are a blend of multiple responsibilities, such as in a project major’s role where employees can take on technical as well as administrative responsibilities. In other words, employers can save money and, employees can gain an opportunity to get their foot in the door by using their past experience and soft skills to carve out a unique job opportunity for themselves during these uncertain times. Noted below are just a few other career trends that might be:

  • Digital Marketing Specialists
  • Graphic Designers
  • Marketing Strategists
  • Data Analysts
  • HR Professionals
  • IT Professionals

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