Entering the Promise Land: Tips for Women Executives on Breaking through the Glass Ceiling

As promised, for the next few weeks you can all expect to receive great career tips for women interested in breaking through the glass ceiling. 

This week I’m providing you with an introduction to get you all prepared for the next few weeks of great tips.


Dr. Cris

Entering the Promise Land: Tips for Women Executives on Breaking through the Glass Ceiling – The Introduction

Let’s face it, ladies; there will always be a glass ceiling to a certain extent, and there will always be a good ole boys’ network. So for us female executives in the industry we need to always be cognizant of the fact that our stilettos are putting us in a position where we need to consider what we have to do to propel ourselves to the next level based on our skills, talents, and intellect.

Entering the Promise Land

When breaking through the glass ceiling we gain the opportunity to enter into a land of opportunity–the promise land. In order to obtain that level of success we must learn to prepare ourselves with the armor of Executive Defense, a defense mechanism that is geared to serve us, not just as a shield or a means of protection, but as a means of fortification, to enrich us and uplift us, to enhance us and equip us as the best executives that we can be so that the glass ceiling is not only broken but nonexistent.   

Our road to breaking through the glass ceiling and entering the promise land is paved with much dedication and perseverance. But all the steps that we take along the way put us closer and closer to achieving our goals as professional and capable women, who refuse to settle for anything less than what we desire.

What is so important for us to keep in mind is that we are not going through this alone. There is a great network of sisters around the world supporting us in our common goal to successfully implement the executive defense, break through the glass ceiling, and enter the promise land.

When entering the promise land, as the honorable Dr. Martin Luther King once said in his unforgettable speech, we must remember a few tips to reach that pivotal and coveted goal. Over the next few weeks I will share with you five tips on implementing executive defense strategies that I believe will assist you in breaking through the glass ceiling, entering the promise land, and relishing in the glory that is finally yours, the ultimate dream job.      

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