Preparing To Create Your Spiritual Vision Board: Tip #2

  Continuing with our tips on creating your spiritual vision board, Tip # 2 helps you to prepare for this process by enlightening you on the two different ways that spiritual vision boards can be created. Although most people create a physical or tangible version using pictures from magazines and writing out their affirmation statements,Continue reading “Preparing To Create Your Spiritual Vision Board: Tip #2”


FREE WEBINAR: Secrets of the Spiritual Vision Board

Curious to learn more about the Secrets of the Spiritual Vision Board? Based on the #1 bestselling book Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board, this FREE webinar shares with you insight to create your own spiritual vision board. Specifically you can expect to learn the following: The connection between God’s promises, biblicalContinue reading “FREE WEBINAR: Secrets of the Spiritual Vision Board”

Monday Motivation: With Matthew 21:22

  On this day when we celebrate our independence, know how liberating it can be to dependent on God. Have a blessed 4th of July everyone and consider registering for the Visual Prayer: A VIP Experience online Workshop. You will be glad you did.