Tuesday@2: Why Your Prayers Are Unanswered

Now that our summer has come to an end, I’m sharing the last of our summer series Tuesdays@2. This week you will learn why some of your prayers are unanswered. In the 2nd edition of the #1 bestselling book Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board, God shared with me a concept calledContinue reading “Tuesday@2: Why Your Prayers Are Unanswered”

Tuesday@2: The Psychology of Color

This Tuesday@2 shares another update from the 2nd Edition of the #1 bestselling book Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board. Did you know that color represents meaning in our every day life? When we understand the Psychology of Color, it sheds meaning on how and why we choose certain colors. From theContinue reading “Tuesday@2: The Psychology of Color”

Tuesday@2: What is the SMART Plan?

For this weeks Tuesday@2, I’m sharing more insight into the 2nd Edition of the #1 bestseller Visual Prayer. Specifically, I’m sharing how you can be more strategic in selecting images and developing affirmations, mantras, and motivational statements using the SMART Plan.   Here’s the latest video on the SMART Plan.     The SMART PlanContinue reading “Tuesday@2: What is the SMART Plan?”

Tuesday@2: Updated Visual Prayer Book

Just in case you didn’t know, the 2nd Edition of Visual Prayer was released just a few months ago. This updated version is full of great tips to help you create your best spiritual vision board. You can pick up a copy right here, just click on this link. Visual Prayer Check out this videoContinue reading “Tuesday@2: Updated Visual Prayer Book”

Tuesdays@2: In Lake Lure

Thank you for joining me for another Tuesdays@2. This week I’m in the mountains located at the beautiful and serene Lake Lure, as my husband and I take a little vacation and enjoy some much needed R&R. As we relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful scenery, I began to reflect on my journey and origins ofContinue reading “Tuesdays@2: In Lake Lure”