Thursday's Tip: 5 Foods Linked to Cancer

The following is a list of foods that have been linked to a higher risk of cancer.  Try to avoid consuming high amounts to help you stay healthy. Processed meats such as smoked or cured hot dogs, bacon, ham, and sausages are considered to be carcinogenic. Pickled and high salt foods like salted fish, pickledContinue reading “Thursday's Tip: 5 Foods Linked to Cancer”

Thursday's Tip: How to Get a Good Night's Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep allows the body to regenerate, grow, replenish hormones and balance and repair any of the damage of the day.  Our brains and muscles also need time to rest and repair.  The following are some suggestions to help you ease you into getting a good night’s sleep. Keep the room dark. Continue reading “Thursday's Tip: How to Get a Good Night's Sleep”

Thursday's Tip: 10 Questions To Ask A Nutritionist

If you are looking for a nutritionist to help you achieve your health goals, use the following 10 questions to help you find the right nutritionist for you. What foods are considered to be carbs? The nutritionist should know that carbs include vegetables and fruits as well as good and bad carbs. Carbs are foundContinue reading “Thursday's Tip: 10 Questions To Ask A Nutritionist”

Thursday's Tip: Why Antioxidant-Rich Foods are Yummy for Your Health

Plus the Top 20 Antioxidant-Rich Foods Antioxidant-packed foods protect healthy tissue in your body by destroying free radicals and also help in fighting and preventing cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and other chronic conditions.  Free radicals are formed through normal body processes and through exposure to sun, pollution, cigarette smoke, stress, and the intake ofContinue reading “Thursday's Tip: Why Antioxidant-Rich Foods are Yummy for Your Health”

Thursday's Tip: The 3 Major Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic has a history of being used in cooking as well for its therapeutic properties for almost 7,000 years.  The polysulfides or sulfur containing compounds found in garlic give it wonderful health benefits that help in fighting infections to controlling hypertension. Health benefits of garlic: Studies have shown that the allistatin compound found in garlicContinue reading “Thursday's Tip: The 3 Major Health Benefits of Garlic”

Thursday's Tip: The 5 Medicinal Uses of Cloves

Cloves are a wonderful but underutilized spice.  Cloves are native to Indonesia and have been used in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine.  In modern times, medical studies have found that the essential oil in cloves have analgesic properties. Besides adding a distinct flavor to dishes, cloves have great medicinal uses. Medicinal Benefits: Clove’s essential oilContinue reading “Thursday's Tip: The 5 Medicinal Uses of Cloves”