Hi I’m Dr. Cris

Hi! I’m Dr. Cris. Owner of a Black and female-owned business, AskDrCris. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and share how I can assist you with your career and education needs. I can help you… 1. Land Your Dream Job! 2. Revise Your Resume! 3. Manage Outplacement Services! 4. Achieve Your GoalsContinue reading “Hi I’m Dr. Cris”

Try this Resume Not that!

Most of my career clients work with me to revise their resumes. Not all resumes are the same. If you’ve experienced gaps in your employment, then it might be better for you to develop a different type of resume. A functional resume may be more engaging to recruiters and hiring managers. Instead of using theContinue reading “Try this Resume Not that!”

Resume to Dream Job!

Do you know that close to 90% of resumes are rejected ❌ by employers or hiring managers? Sad to say😢, this is why many job applicants repeatedly fail when applying for open positions. One of the first directives that I give my clients and students is “send me your resume?” after receipt, there are alwaysContinue reading “Resume to Dream Job!”

ATS Proof Your Resumé

A common reason that resumes are rejected is that they do not meet ATS standards. What is ATS? ATS or applicant tracking systems are resumé screening software that uses algorithms to streamline the hiring process for recruiters when an open position generates hundreds of resumés.  Although there are different types of ATS, most operate asContinue reading “ATS Proof Your Resumé”