#MotivationalMonday: Say it With Affirmations

Affirmations are positive phrases, statements, words and quotes that are written in first person and used to empower, encourage and overcome negative energy. To some extent, affirmations can be used to give verbal meaning to your selected magazine images so that you can further clarify their meaning.  Affirmations are the verbal part of your prayerContinue reading “#MotivationalMonday: Say it With Affirmations”

#MotivationalMonday: Labor in Your Purpose

#MotivationalMonday: Labor Day gives us a day to rest and relax and enjoy a day away from work. But when we decide to labor in our PURPOSE all of our days are peaceful and fulfilled. Do you know your purpose in life? Are you questioning your calling? Schedule a FREE consultation with me and IContinue reading “#MotivationalMonday: Labor in Your Purpose”

#MotivationalMonday: Set Goals, Execute Your Vision!

  Did you know that only 20% of people set goals? What’s worse is that 70% of those who set goals fail to meet them, primarily because they lack vision. There’s no puzzle to setting goals and executing your vision. For Habakkuk 2:2 shares with us the importance of not just having a vision, butContinue reading “#MotivationalMonday: Set Goals, Execute Your Vision!”

#MotivationalMonday: Take a Lesson from the King on Prayer – Visual Prayer

#MotivationalMonday: Take a lesson from the KING on Prayer – Visual Prayer! #VisualPrayer #GOD #SpiritualVisionBoard #MLK #Prayer Today is the last day for you to pick up your copy of the #1 bestselling book Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to learn how prayer can change your life when youContinue reading “#MotivationalMonday: Take a Lesson from the King on Prayer – Visual Prayer”

#MotivationalMonday: Visual Prayer for Only $0.99 on Amazon

  If you are like so many others who have already broken your new year’s resolution – there’s hope! Know that you don’t have to do this alone, you can partner with someone who will never let you down – GOD and change your resolutions to prayer – Visual Prayer. Starting Tuesday January 15th –Continue reading “#MotivationalMonday: Visual Prayer for Only $0.99 on Amazon”

#MotivationalMonday: Have A Blessed Holiday Season!

Hoping that you have a blessed holiday season and take a moment to give thanks for all of the blessings you’ve enjoyed this year. Most importantly, recall the true meaning of Christmas. Which is the day that we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Learn how you can establish a deeperContinue reading “#MotivationalMonday: Have A Blessed Holiday Season!”

#MotivationalMonday: Your Vision for 2019

“Write the vision, and make it plain”    –  Habakkuk 2:2 Our minds respond strongly to visual stimulation. A powerful way to bring our goals to fruition is by creating vision boards that use pictures, images, and affirmations as a tangible representation of our dreams, goals, and ideal life. The Spiritual Vision Board takes it aContinue reading “#MotivationalMonday: Your Vision for 2019”

#MotivationalMonday: Write Your Vision

This Motivational Monday is a reminder that Habakkuk 2:2 shares with us the importance of not just having a vision, but also writing it down and making it plain. Excerpt from the #1 bestseller Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board.

#MotivationalMonday: Spiritual Enlightenment

Moments of inspired thought and spiritual enlightenment can occur at any time. Consider when you are most relaxed or at ease. Is it in the shower or bath? Perhaps when you are praying or mediating. Some of my visions have occurred on the cusp of being awake and transitioning from a deep sleep. Spiritual EnlightenmentContinue reading “#MotivationalMonday: Spiritual Enlightenment”


In order to receive your blessing, you must physically take possession of it. Receiving anything takes on a physical responsibility on your part. If someone knocks on your door, then you must physically answer it if you are interested in receiving company. Some may wonder who wouldn’t accept a gift or blessing from God. IfContinue reading “#MotivationalMonday:RECEIVE”