#MeaningfulMonday: My Primary Frustration about Ask Believe Receive!

  For this #MeaningfulMonday I would like to share with you one of my primary frustrations, specifically in regards to the phrase ask believe receive. I get very frustrated when someone uses a phrase that they did not create, but states it over and over as though it was their own. For those of youContinue reading “#MeaningfulMonday: My Primary Frustration about Ask Believe Receive!”

#MotivationalMonday: Visual Prayer Can Help You Get Your Prayers Answered

Our minds respond strongly to visual stimulation.  A powerful way to bring your goals to fruition is by using pictures, images and affirmations as a tangible representation of your dreams, goals, and ideal life. Creating a Spiritual Vision Board versus a regular Vision Board is probably one of the most valuable visualization tools available toContinue reading “#MotivationalMonday: Visual Prayer Can Help You Get Your Prayers Answered”

Monday Motivation: With Matthew 21:22

  On this day when we celebrate our independence, know how liberating it can be to dependent on God. Have a blessed 4th of July everyone and consider registering for the Visual Prayer: A VIP Experience online Workshop. You will be glad you did.