Revise Your Spiritual Vision Board for 2022!

Sometimes we may need a different perspective to start our New Year off with clarity.  So, this year, hubby and I vacationed at one of our favorite spots in South Carolina, The Wild Dunes Resort, and enjoyed some quiet time together to relax, unwind, and celebrate all that God has blessed us with. Typically, IContinue reading “Revise Your Spiritual Vision Board for 2022!”


Freebie Friday: Download YOUR FREE "Getting Started" SVB Guide

It’s #FreebieFriday And I know some of you have been challenged with just getting your vision board started for 2020. So, I’m here to offer my assistance and I’ve developed a “Getting Started” Spiritual Vision Board guide, to help you start off on the right foot. So, download your Free “Getting Started” SVB guide Today!Continue reading “Freebie Friday: Download YOUR FREE "Getting Started" SVB Guide”