Need a Salary Increase or a Dream Job?

If you need a Salary increase of $25k, $50k, $75k or help manifesting your dream job? That’s exactly how I help my clients! And why I’ve developed a SVB Dream Job Starter Kit, to help people like YOU get started with your dream job success story. What’s a SVB Dream Job Starter Kit? It’s aContinue reading “Need a Salary Increase or a Dream Job?”

New Fashion Incubator in Charlotte

Great things are coming to the Charlotte, NC area in the form of new fashion education for fashion enthusiasts. I’m so excited to collaborate with these talented and gifted women of color on this new venture. Special Thanks to Nakia Navarro of Building Audacity for supporting this venture. Look for more updates on Woven Fashion Incubator comingContinue reading “New Fashion Incubator in Charlotte”

Patience, Discernment, Persistence, and Prayer

Recently, someone asked what I share with clients that keep them encouraged when looking for their dream job.  I shared how important it is not to rush the process. And how important it is to ensure that clients not only land their dream job but also identify and select a position where the work environmentContinue reading “Patience, Discernment, Persistence, and Prayer”

ATS Proof Your Resumé

A common reason that resumes are rejected is that they do not meet ATS standards. What is ATS? ATS or applicant tracking systems are resumé screening software that uses algorithms to streamline the hiring process for recruiters when an open position generates hundreds of resumés.  Although there are different types of ATS, most operate asContinue reading “ATS Proof Your Resumé”