Thursday's Tip: 5 Foods Linked to Cancer

The following is a list of foods that have been linked to a higher risk of cancer.  Try to avoid consuming high amounts to help you stay healthy. Processed meats such as smoked or cured hot dogs, bacon, ham, and sausages are considered to be carcinogenic. Pickled and high salt foods like salted fish, pickledContinue reading “Thursday's Tip: 5 Foods Linked to Cancer”

Thursday's Tip: Live Long and Prosper with Ginger

Adding ginger to your arsenal for living a vibrant and long life makes sense.  Ginger is not only good for cooking in desserts, vegetable, meat and fish dishes but also has great anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits. Reasons to Appreciate Ginger: Gingerol oil is the main compound in ginger that makes it effective in fighting offContinue reading “Thursday's Tip: Live Long and Prosper with Ginger”