Need a change in your career?

Thinking about a career change, but you’re not sure how to go about it? Are you concerned that the timing isn’t right or that making ends meet might be a concern?
Perhaps this video on making a career change can help.
Dr. Cris

Three of the Best Books for Professional and Personal Growth

Sometimes finding your next great read will have a lot to do with how much you desire to grow both personally and professionally. The three books noted below provides a great start to how you can begin to transform your life.

Dr. Cris

The Purpose Driven Life

This book was not what I expected but I was pleased with the results. Author Rick Warren explains that when we decide to connect with God, then we begin to connect to our purpose and our passions. For our purpose is centered on His will for our lives, but we must first let go and learn to appreciate that God does haves a special plan for each of us and we can receive the best possible life based on His intention. It is then that we will blossom into the person that we are destined to be. 

Our purpose driven life is our awakening to surrendering. Our acknowledgment that our best life is a reflection of not only Gods’ will but also our passion. So if we allow ourselves to trust Him and serve Him then we also place ourselves in a position to serve others which is one of the five principles that Warren focuses on in this book. 

If you think that something is missing from your life, and perhaps a change is in order, I would strongly suggest this read. The Purpose Driven Life will make you reevaluate your life, what you value and your motives. Hopefully it will transform you. 

The 4-Hour Work week

“Can a person really work less than 50 or 60 hours a week?” was my first question when I picked up this book. So the possibility of working less than five made me immediately desire to learn more. What Timothy Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich, is celebrating and trying to get across to all of us, is that life is worth living, not working away. And there are easy-to-learn strategies to get you to the comfortable life that you desire. Some of the main points that Ferriss suggests are…

  • Creating a mobile lifestyle so that you can enjoy your life while facilitating your workload
  • Outsourcing your workload through a virtual assistant – one of my personal favorites
  • Creating automatic cash flow opportunities so that you are getting paid without punching a time-clock
  • Eliminating 50% of your work in 48 hours
I’ll admit that initially the concept sounds too good to be true; however, once you decide that you are fed up with the rat race and desire more from your life then you may consider doing something about it, and this book is a great place to start.  

The Vision Board

It may be difficult to accomplish your dreams if you can’t see them. Once they are in front of you constantly, your dreams can begin to take shape and unfold from the visions, pictorial images, and text that represent your mantra into a creative representation of the life that you desire to live.  

Author Joyce Schwarz shares a detailed step-by-step process to capture your dreams and turn them into reality. The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life provides a how-to guide to understanding the power, the creativity, and the genius associated with creating a tangible representation of what you truly desire out of life. 

After Schwarz describes the basic process of creating your vision board, she then focuses on the importance of activating it, through the use of affirmations, visualization, and Feng Shui. Without connecting these three important components to your vision board, you have basically created an art project that lacks active energy and the power to take you to the next level. 

How to Prepare for the Best Job Interview You Ever Had

Preparing for a job interview can be challenging, exciting or even scary.  Some of your best interviews can occur when you do your homework and know that being prepared can make the difference between getting a job or continuing your job search.    

Check out this video on how you can prepare for the best job interview you ever had. 


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Entering the Promised Land: Tips for Women Executives on Breaking through the Glass Ceiling – Tip #5 Plan out Your Career

Hello All,
This is our final week of career tips for women executives who desire to break through the glass ceiling and enter the promise land. This week’s tip provides practical advice on the importance of planning out your career.
I hope that you’ve been inspired by this weekly series, and you can look forward to more to come.  
Dr. Cris
Tip #5 Plan out Your Career  

Plan out Your CareerWithout a plan, you plan to fail. So knowing this in advance, you want to strategically plot out what steps you can take in your career to receive the benefits that you desire out of life. It all goes back to this question: what is it that you truly want to do with the rest of your life? What is your purpose? If you can imagine yourself a few years from now, where do you see yourself in your career? What is your dream job?

Once you have defined it and can envision it, then you can determine what specific steps you will need to take in order to achieve your dream job. Don’t think about what obstacles may be in your way. Now is the time for you to realize that in order to achieve your plan, you can’t doubt that your career goals are achievable; don’t give up on your dream, and recognize that breaking through the glass ceiling is possible and that entering into the promise land can be your reality. 

It's Not Goodbye, It's Until We Meet Again!


If you were feeling out of sorts this Wednesday, May 25, 2011, and you couldn’t quite put your finger on it, perhaps as the day progressed and began to creep closer to 4pm you realized what was wrong. It’s the end of an era, and what we have all been comfortable with and have looked forward to chatting about around the water cooler is over.

Oprah Winfrey ended her long, successful run as the most popular and loved talk show host in a three day celebration which honored her 25 years of service. On her final show Oprah left us with a few words of wisdom that bear repeating. For all of you who realize that there is more to life than what you’re doing and how you’re living, take heed to what Oprah shares about your calling.
“Everybody has a calling,” says Oprah, and her calling obviously is directly aligned to her profession. When you consider your calling, consider your passion. What fuels you, motivates you, and allows you to spring out of bed in the morning when you consider the path of your day, it all comes back to what it is that you were destined to achieve and your opportunity to receive the blessings which are connected to your destiny.
However, Oprah realizes that some of us do not always partake in the opportunity to embrace our passion. She states that some of us “block our blessing because we do not feel worthy.”  But worthiness exists for everyone who is here and alive, says Oprah. So we need to begin now, embracing our life and using our passions to serve the world.
Finally, Oprah reminds us that we are not alone, we are all in this together, and together we can get through the departure of the most incredible experience that we all know as Oprah. Oprah has helped us in this transition by sharing her personal email address, She’s looking forward to hearing from us. For it’s not goodbye, it’s until we meet again.

If you need to identify your calling, contact Dr.Cris @

Entering the Promised Land: Tips for Women Executives on Breaking through the Glass Ceiling – Tip #4 Look like You Mean Business

Hello All,

We all know that first impressions are important, so keep in mind what steps you should consider to make a positive impression.

This week’s tip will provide you with just a few ideas to keep you looking your best.  


Dr. Cris

Tip # 4 – Look like You Mean Business – When was the last time that you updated your wardrobe? Does your hairstyle make you look like you’re still in high school? Now look at your nails – yes, both set of nails, on your hands and your feet. Do your nails need professional care? When answering these questions, do you feel as though any of these questions apply to you? If so, then you can’t expect other professionals to take you seriously if you don’t treat yourself like a professional. 

There are no excuses when it comes to presenting yourself in the best light possible. You will never receive a second chance to make a first impression. So when you begin to make excuses such as “I don’t have the time” or “I really don’t have enough money,” consider those excuses as roadblocks that will prohibit you from entering into the promise land and truly applying the executive defense strategy. 
You may have all the skills and talents comparable to Jane, but if Jane presents herself in a professional manner and you appear to be stuck in the 1990s, then who do you think will make the most positive impression?

If you need to hire a professional stylist who can assist you in determining what specific clothing styles would be most appropriate for your particular body frame then do it. If you need to update your hairstyle, and keep it looking fresh, then find a great hair stylist and keep regular appointments. And let’s not forget those nails, yes, on your hands and feet. A regular manicure and pedicure can do wonders to top off your professional look. Ladies, don’t think of looking your best as an expense; consider it an investment in yourself and an investment in your career. = { atrk_acct: “daN0g1agwt00i6″, domain:””}; atrk ();

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Dr. Cris is on the Radio

Listen to internet radio with ProfessorLocs on Blog Talk Radio  
Professor Locs  & Alease Michelle McClenningham
Hello All,                                                                   
Last week I had the opportunity to call into a radio show where my friend, Alease Michelle McClenningham was interviewed by Professor Locs. Alease is the owner of The School of Creative Business, which is a company that assists creative entrepreneurs in successfully incorporating social media into their businesses. 
Take a moment to listen to this interview and learn a little more about The School of  Creative Business, my business, Dr. Cris, the Dream Job Doctor. And how I assisted both Alease and Professor Locs identify their dream jobs.

Dr. Cris



Entering the Promised Land: Tips for Women Executives on Breaking through the Glass Ceiling – Tip #3 Courage Under Fire

Hello All,

This week’s tip suggests the importance of remaining cool and collected under all circumstances. 

Tip # 3 – Courage under Fire: We have all been in a position where the stresses of a work environment and the enormity of the predicament might seem as though they are too much to handle. There may even be times when you feel powerless and want to give up. Even when those situations occur, you never want to place yourself in a situation where your colleagues or any executive can see you sweat, or worse yet, cry.

  A common response that you may receive from some of your coworkers is sympathy. Your colleagues may have experienced a similar situation and understand your frustration. For other coworkers, their response will be to pity you. You have placed yourself in a situation where others are now privy to the fact that you cannot control your emotions. Neither scenario is ideal for a woman entering the promised land. You always need to demonstrate strength and composure. You need to allow others to see that you are emotionally equipped to handle any situation.
 Although we are considered the fairer sex, there is no leniency in the workplace.  If you need a few moments to pull yourself together, then excuse yourself from the situation and do what you have to do to compose yourself. But remember this; once others have seen you expose your emotions, that picture of you will stick with them indefinitely. = { atrk_acct: “daN0g1agwt00i6″, domain:””}; atrk ();

It's National Teacher's Appreciation Week – Let's Celebrate Educators All Month

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