Looking for a new career: Have you considered energy efficiency?

Where ever you turn now-a-days everyone is talking about what they can do to conserve energy and help save the environment. So if that is your mission and you are considering a career change, or perhaps an additional revenue stream, maybe you could also consider obtaining a career in energy efficiency.

Watch this video from YouTube and learn more.

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Dream Job Series on the Examiner

Starting your own business has been a popular concept for several entrepreneurial minded consumers who have either been impacted by this recession or come to the realization that there has got to be a more fulfilling life for them. Working for yourself, establishing your own hours and, most importantly, creating a business that reflects who you are and how you can make a difference in someone else’s life are usually some of the more common reasons why people seek out a new and more meaningful employment opportunity.

Although the ideas might sound like a winner; however, starting your own business is not for everyone. For some, this opportunity is a lifelong dream, for others it represents a challenge that may have been worth pursuing; however, some complications during the process may have been more than what the average person could endure. 
For those who decide to stick with it, any challenge that may have occurred along the way, at some point becomes a learning experience which builds tenacity, and provides the determination to continue with their lifelong dream. I like to think of this transition in one’s career as an awakening, a knowing that their purpose in life is too big to let slip by—and it creates the catalyst to their dream job.
If you are interested in learning more about these entrepreneurs, tune in weekly to the Examiner and review the latest profiles on these business-savvy Charlotteans who have found a way to make their dream jobs come true.

Make your resume work

One challenge that comes along with any employment application process is to create a resume that will open doors and lead to a job interview. Where some job searchers fall short is that they are not aware of the different types of resumes; which one would be most beneficial for them, and how to highlight their skills, and experience in such a way that it produces favorable results and doesn’t detract or deter from the employment application process.

Resumes are different and can highlight your best features if you know how and when to use them appropriately. There are basically four different types of resumes: Functional, Chronological, Combination (of Functional and Chronological), and Electronic.  

A Functional Resume highlights your skills and positive features without specifically reviewing your job history. Think about the skills, knowledge and expertise that you have developed over the years and how you can promote them in this type of resume. The advantage to a functional resume will de-emphasize any gaps of employment that you may have experienced due to layoff or breaks from work such as staying home with the kids or caring for a loved one. But it is designed to showcase all of the positive and transferrable skills that you can offer a company.

A Chronological Resume reviews a steady progression of employment opportunities that have enhanced your skills. While working steadily and uninterrupted during your professional career, you have transitioned into a professional in specifics areas and have demonstrated growth by advancing from one job to another. If you have a solid job history with no gaps in employment, then this option would probably work best for you.

A Combination Resume combines the best of the Functional and Chronological resumes by emphasizing skills while de-emphasizing specific job tasks or responsibilities. Consider how you have transitioned and professionally grown during your career, and in the process have gained specific knowledge, skills, and perhaps even new training or additional education. This is what you need to take advantage of and highlight. The Combination resume is great for those who are in a career transition or are reentering the workforce after an absence and have taken advantage of their gap in employment to enhance themselves professionally. With this type, be sure to organize it well in order to limit confusion around career changes. It may require some creativity.

With Electronic Resumes, your skills, qualifications and experience are what employers scan for. Usually with these types of resumes you are asked to provide specific information that will determine your qualifications for the job. Employers are only interested in reviewing resumes of candidates who specifically meet what they are looking for. They would prefer to spend less time reviewing resumes and more time focusing on other job tasks. So make sure that you are detailed in the areas that require your response.

Finally, when preparing your resume for a specific job or in a specific field, make sure that your resume reflects the skills and qualifications that the employer is looking for. Preparing more than one resume is necessary. You will have to revise your resume often to ensure that it is appropriate to each employer’s request, but the extra steps that you take on the front end could open doors to a new job opportunity.   

Career Assessments: Do they work?

Selecting a career that fulfills you, motivates you, and challenges you just enough to maintain a continuous level of excitement is not impossible.

Career assessment are developed to guide you in revealing your authentic self while also directing you to career options that reflect your personality, skills and interest.

When adding an expert to the mix, such as a career coach or career consultant, their expertise can aid you in discovering your purpose.

Watch this video on career assessments, and feel free to contact me, Dr. Cris if I can assist you further.


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Whistle while you work: 7 tips to keep you motivated at work

Staying positive and upbeat in the workplace maybe easier than you thought, there are a few proven tips that employees use to keep them encouraged and even enthusiastic throughout the day. The following tips are just a few that you may want to consider when you feel that grey cloud looming over head.
1)      Whistle or sing one of your favorite tunes, even if you don’t know all the words don’t let that bother you, you’re not auditioning for American Idol, you’re just having fun. The point is to provide your mind with a few moments of a chipper tune to temporarily distract you from the hustle and bustle at work. And then during that time you might even learn to relax a bit. 
2)      Take a 10 minute walk break. Sometimes after being in the office for endless hours at a time your body begins to crave not only a break but some sunshine. Staying in a cramped office or cubicle for hours at a time can not only zap your energy but also negatively impact your mood. A quick walk around the block or your building may be just what you need to reenergize you.
3)      Stretching your legs to take a walk outside is a great suggestion, but what if you can’t leave the comforts of your building? Then consider yourself social and pop by one of your colleague’s office/cubicle for a quick hello. Sometimes the simple act of moving your body and leaving your refined space can be just what the doctor ordered.
4)      Keep healthy snacks at hand for that mid day attack of the grum bellies. When packing your lunch include a few extra munchies such as an assortment of different fruits, vegetables, or cheese and crackers. Not only are you treating yourself to some brain food but the boost in your metabolism will get you through your day.  
5)      When you can grab a few moments of quiet time, consider meditating or visualization. No, this isn’t the time to take a nap; however, closing your eyes just for a few minutes can calm you down, relax you and put you in a space of peaceful tranquility.
6)      Remember your daily water intake. A cool glass of water can keep you hydrated and refreshed during that 3 hour meeting that won’t seem to end. Toting a bottle of water with you through the day is a great way to ensure that you get your 8 glasses daily. 
     7)  Have you laughed today? Laughing is an instant way to place a smile on your face. Tell a joke to a friend, recall a moment when your laughter brought you to tears and enjoy that moment all over again. If you can, pull up a quick video on YouTube, you’ll have plenty of clips to choose from and plenty of LOL moments.      

Introducing Dream Job Magazine

For the most part, blogs provide an excellent resource to consumers who are looking for up-to-date information, guidance, and tips to assist them with just about any area of their life they are looking to improve or enhance. But some consumers may desire a more collective approach where bloggers, authors, or writers can join together and unite their areas of expertise in one forum. 

Health and wellness expert Kim Trowbridge, M.Ed, CHES, Health Improvement Manager for the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company; Alease Michelle, Owner of the School of Creative Business; R. Alexandria Williams, certified cosmetologist and skin care specialist who owns the Purple Rose skin care spa; and Dr. Cris, certified career coach and owner of Dr. Cris, the Dream Job Doctor, have all united their passions and expertise to give their readers a little bit more of what they’ve been searching for. 

 Through a new online magazine titled Dream Job Magazine (DJM), these ladies have decided to join their efforts and share with their customers and newly found readers practical tips and advice to empower them to live the life that they’ve always dreamed of, and in the process, tap into a fulfilling career. 

Each quarter on the 15th of June, September, December, and February, readers can expect a new DJM edition that will specifically assist readers in knowledge to enhance their career, health, wellness, and beauty. Additionally, each edition will focus on a success story of someone who is passionately living their Dream Job. 

This month’s edition is all about preparing for a new career, with articles that suggest the importance of appearance at an interview; steps for obtaining a great new job; maintaining a healthy balance by establishing the appropriate boundaries; and marketing tactics used to increase sales. Take a moment to visit DJM; you will be informed, excited, and anxious for the next edition.

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Dream Job Spotlight – Denine Woodrow

It’s not uncommon for some to enjoy their dream job as simply an extension of where and how their career path has prepared them. For Denine Woodrow, President and Manager of dp Woodrow & Company, LLC, a full service business development firm, her career preparation has provided the skills to recognize and define a company’s brand while establishing great business-to-business relationships. “I have met some of the most amazing people in my work and have had the opportunity to work with products, markets, and people around the world,” says Woodrow.Continue reading “Dream Job Spotlight – Denine Woodrow”

How Your Appearance can affect the Success of Your Interview?

I’m sure quite a few job seekers feel appearance should be the least of their worries when it comes to an interview, when in fact, it could actually be a deal breaker. Would you believe that within the first seven seconds your potential employer has already made up in their mind if you’re right for the position? “That’s right” before you even open your mouth your presentation has possibly increased your opportunity for employment or landed you one foot out the door. Luckily appearance is one of those things that is within your control at an interview. Remember you only have one chance to make a first impression, so make sure your presentation is delivering the right message.Continue reading “How Your Appearance can affect the Success of Your Interview?”

Boundary Management: Balancing The Boundaries Between Your Work And Life

Boundaries…they are lines that are drawn or established, sometimes in the sand, sometimes by a fence, sometimes in our own minds. The thing about boundaries is that we always want to cross them.We have this urge to push them, cross them, and break them. When the benefit of crossing them outweighs the cost of staying behind them, it is worth it. However, it also takes a lot of energy to cross a boundary, it takes a lot of personal and professional energy to make that choice to push or climb or just simply step over our boundaries. Crossing too many boundaries can lead to burnout and exhaustion. The key is to make the right choices as to which boundaries to cross and when.

Continue reading “Boundary Management: Balancing The Boundaries Between Your Work And Life”