Feeling Directionless?

Knowing where you’re going in life and how to get there is the only way to achieve your goals.

Let’s face it we all have dreams, goals, or a vision we want to achieve. But you may not be clear on how to get started and what steps to take to achieve your goal.

But that’s where I can assist you. With an easy 4-step plan to help you identify and implement your dreams, goals, vision, or desire of the heart.

Once I learned this strategy and implemented it myself, I was able to…

  • Find the love of my life,
  • Land my dream job,
  • Lose weight, and keep it off,
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle,
  • And more.

Now, I help my clients to achieve whatever their heart desires. And I would love to help you too!

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Crystal Clear Clarity!

The best advice that I’ve received and have learned to implement when manifesting my goals is to:

Be crystal clear about what you desire!

Having crystal clear clarity will help you to focus specifically on what you want. And guide you to identify specific details of what your goal will look like to create a pathway to achieve it.

What has helped me to identify crystal clear clarity is when I write my goals daily. Typically, first thing in the morning and include as many details as possible. While writing, imagine that you’ve achieved your goal already. Focus on the feelings that you are experiencing. And again, think about what achieving your goal will look like. Then identify the specifics. Keep Habakkuk 2:2 in mind (write the vision and make it plain).

Repeating this writing exercise daily will make your goal or visions become clearer with each writing activity. The breadth, depth, and scope of your goal will begin to unfold in vivid detail. During this process, you may find that reframing your vision could open doors you may not have imagined before. However, when this writing activity becomes more of a chore than a delight. Consider waiting a day or two until the level of excitement returns.

Learning how to manifest your goals can be challenging if you don’t have a system or plan to guide you. But that’s exactly what I do for my clients every day, and I would love to help you too!  Help you by coaching you to find crystal clear clarity with your goals or vision. Then guide you to implement an easy 4-step plan to achieve your goal.

Schedule a Discovery Consultation with me to learn how to manifest your goals and deepest desires!

My Eyes Filled With Tears!

Listening, understanding, and developing a strategic-individualized plan to help each client is part of the routine that I implement to meet and exceed my client’s needs – regardless of how large or small their challenges are.

What is also routine is implementing prayer for every client that I assist. Prayer is a powerful resource. And understanding the power of prayer and the synergy involved when two or more gather in His name (Matthew 18:20) increases the possibility of manifesting my client’s desire of the heart.

During a recent consultation, one of my clients shared that their strategic-individualized plan is working and stated, “You’re a Godsend.” As my client continued to share the positive impact that has been made while working with me, my eyes filled with tears.

I’m so grateful for my clients. I’m grateful for being able to assist them. And grateful to make a difference in so many people’s lives.

If I can be a blessing to you, schedule a Discovery Consultation today!

Need a Salary Increase or a Dream Job?

If you need a Salary increase of

$25k, $50k, $75k or

help manifesting your dream job?

That’s exactly how I help my clients!

And why I’ve developed a

SVB Dream Job Starter Kit,

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get started with your

dream job success story.

What’s a SVB Dream Job Starter Kit?

It’s a Quick and Easy way to learn the ins and outs of

manifesting your dream job.

Here’s a look at what you will receive in your starter kit…

  1. The SVB Dream Job Starter Kit
    • A digital Canva template pre-loaded with career images, affirmations, and mantras based on career scriptures
  2. The SVB Academy Video Training
    • Provides step-by-step instructions on developing a digital SVB
  3. The 75 spiritual customizable affirmations and mantras Library
    • Use the Career section to revise your SVB Dream Job Starter Kit
  4. The SVB Mini Workbook
    • The mini workbook gets you started developing your SVB Dream Job Starter Kit
  5. Resume Upgrade Sheet
    • Provides some of Dr. Cris’ most powerful resume tips and tricks

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Happy Client!

One of my former clients started working with me while unemployed. Within 3 weeks this client received 2 job offers and was blessed by accepting a $90K leadership role.

What Worked?

My Client was…

  • Coachable
  • Ready to take action
  • Didn’t fear rejection
  • Mastered the art of communication

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I Was Lost Until…

I was lost until…

I discovered a fail-proof way to achieve my life goals.

Life goals such as having a fabulous:

  • soulmate
  • dream job
  • healthy lifestyle
  • prosperity

Life goals can enhance your quality of life. Once I implemented SMART Goals into the spiritual vision board process it became easier to manifest and receive God’s blessings.

I teach the SMART Goal strategy in my 1-on-1 program Spiritual Vision Board Academy.

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Spiritual Vision Board Academy Consultation

New Fashion Incubator in Charlotte

Great things are coming to the Charlotte, NC area in the form of new fashion education for fashion enthusiasts.

I’m so excited to collaborate with these talented and gifted women of color on this new venture. Special Thanks to Nakia Navarro of Building Audacity for supporting this venture.

Look for more updates on Woven Fashion Incubator coming this Fall! And check out our website (woveninc.org).

WAIT!  Before you Declare Your College Major

During this time of year, first-year college students transition into college and embark on an exciting new chapter in their life. My niece is entering college this year and has enrolled at an HBCU. I’m so excited for her.

The advice I shared with her and other first-year students is to consider not declaring a major during their first semester or two.

Declaring a major is one of the most important decisions a college student will make. However, delaying that decision for one year could be in their best interest. College students should make sure that their selected major aligns with the career they hope to pursue upon graduating. Noted below are a few benefits of delaying that decision.

Confirmation – By delaying your choice for a college major, at least until your sophomore year, you will be exposed to subjects that might pique your interest. Most colleges require mandatory courses to provide students with a well-rounded education. Waiting until you’ve completed one full year allows you to complete the college’s required classes. It also gives you a sense of certainty once you are ready to select a major.

Cost – Another advantage is cost. Approximately 50-70% of students who declare majors early are likely to switch majors before graduating. I know this because I was one of those students who switched majors more than once during my undergraduate experience. Delaying the selection of a major until you are sure will save you from taking unnecessary classes and money.

Time – Your four-year degree could increase to five years or more. Switching from one college major to another costs you the most valuable asset – time. Once you’ve invested your time in classes that you essentially do not need toward your declared major can set you back from graduating on time.

Bottom line, my advice is to wait one year before you declare your college major. During your first year, take the general required classes that most colleges require. Then at the end of your first year or when entering your sophomore year, you will have confidence and assurance of the college major that fulfills you, is connected to your purpose, and aligns with your dream job.

SVB’s as a Visual Form of Prayer!

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You can use spiritual vision boards as a visual form of prayer.

Spiritual Vision Boards are an excellent tool that I’ve relied on to manifest and receive …

  • My husband
  • My dream job
  • My dream car
  • Our dream home
  • A healthy lifestyle

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SVB Testimonial

“The spiritual vision board helped me develop an actual plan when it comes to my career and future.”
SVB testimonial from K. G.

I love sharing with my clients and students how Spiritual Vision Boards can be used to achieve personal and professional goals.

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