Start Your Spiritual Vision Board

Have you started creating your spiritual vision board yet?

Spiritual Vision Boards (SVB) are a great tool to communicate with God. SVB can serve as a reminder of specific prayer requests or confirm that you have aligned your goals with God’s plan for your life.

For more than a decade, I have helped Christians manifest and receive their heart’s desire by using the SVB. And I’ve been blessed time and time again.

If you need help getting started with your SVB, download my FREE SVB “Getting Started” guide. Click the link below.

SVB Getting Started Guide


Achieve Your Goals with an SVB!

What makes a spiritual vision board different from all the rest?

Using scripture and including God in the process.

Some of you have heard my story of how I used a vision board that didn’t work. But once I created a spiritual vision board, everything changed!

God blessed me with my…

  • Husband
  • Dream Job
  • 2 Dream Cars
  • Dream Home

And the list goes on and on.

Creating and using a spiritual vision board instead of a traditional vision board means that you are aligning your goals with God’s plan for your life. And doesn’t God want His best for you? So why are you settling for less?

Let me know if I can help you create a spiritual vision board.

Resume to Dream Job!

Do you know that close to 90% of resumes are rejected ❌ by employers or hiring managers?

Sad to say😢, this is why many job applicants repeatedly fail when applying for open positions.

One of the first directives that I give my clients and students is “send me your resume?” after receipt, there are always a few noticeable mistakes. Interestingly, many clients hire me because they did not receive results from a resume developed by a professional resume writer 😮.

On average, my clients and students land a dream job within 2-3 weeks after I’ve revised their resumes.

If you need help…

📝with your resume,

💼developing a solid career strategy to secure your dream job,

🧐or identifying your purpose/dream job,

email me.

Powerful affirmations using scripture

Some of the most powerful affirmations and mantras can be developed using scripture.

However, some scriptures are phrased differently from our natural way of communicating. Therefore, customizing scriptures to address your specific desire has become a popular way to develop affirmations and mantras.

Perhaps I can help by sharing a list of affirmations and mantras based on some scriptures that you can customize for your specific need in areas that include…




❤️romance, and


Download your list of 75 customizable affirmations and mantras!

He landed his Dream Job, and She…

In less than a week, one of my clients received two job offers for his dream job. And one of my female career/internship students landed an internship.

What is so amazing about these career opportunities is that both the client and the student were unemployed.

There’s nothing more satisfying than helping others navigate the job market and customizing a strategic career plan that will guide them to their dream jobs. I love my job!

If you need assistance with your career transition, reach out to me. I would love to help!

You Owe it to Yourself!

As hard as some of us try, the success rate of New Year’s resolutions decreases as time progresses. Typically, this decrease occurs after the first week in January.

However, I have great news! New Year’s Resolutions are simply goals. And one of the best ways to maintain your goals is to create a spiritual vision board!

I have consistently met my personal and professional goals over the past decade using this 4-step method based on the #1 bestselling book Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board. And I know that you can be equally as successful. You owe it to yourself to become everything that You have envisioned. So, get started creating your spiritual vision board today!

If you need help getting started, download my FREE spiritual vision board “Getting Started” guide. Just click on the link below!

Spiritual Vision Board “Getting Started” Guide