Try this Resume Not that!

Most of my career clients work with me to revise their resumes. Not all resumes are the same. If you’ve experienced gaps in your employment, then it might be better for you to develop a different type of resume. A functional resume may be more engaging to recruiters and hiring managers. Instead of using the traditional chronological resume.

A functional resume highlights your skills and experiences rather than your chronological work history.

Some benefits of using a functional resume include:

  1. It allows you to emphasize your skills and accomplishments rather than your work history. This can be especially useful if you have gaps in your employment or if you are changing careers. 
  2. It can help showcase your transferrable skills and highlight how you can apply skills to different roles and industries.
  3. It can be a good choice if you have a diverse range of experiences or have held many different roles over the course of your career, as it allows you to group your experiences and skills into relevant categories rather than listing them chronologically. 
  4. It can help to de-emphasize any negative aspects of your employment history, such as short stints at multiple companies or a lack of progression in your career. 

However, it’s important to note that functional resumes are not as common as chronological resumes, and some employers may prefer the traditional format. It’s a good idea to consider the preferences of the specific employer or industry you are applying to before deciding which type of resume to use.

If a functional resume can benefit your job search strategy, download this template that landed my client a $90k dream job after he was unemployed for 6 months. 

Functional Resume Template


How to Create a Digital or Physical Spiritual Vision Board!

In celebration of National Vision Board Day, I want to help as many people as possible to create a digital or physical spiritual vision board. So, please click on the link below and watch the first lesson of Spiritual Vision Board Academy.

This lesson shares the step-by-step details of what you need to do and the materials you will need to develop a spiritual vision board and achieve your goals this year.

If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

How to create a digital or physical spiritual vision board

Life Goals Not Resolutions!

What a year! But fortunately, I’ve achieved many successes in 2022 by focusing on life goals, not resolutions.

I’ve achieved my life goals by using the spiritual vision board process. With each new year, I have accomplished more than I could ever hope for and dreamed of.

Since implementing this strategy, I’ve achieved the following life goals using a spiritual vision board. 

  • my soulmate
  • our dream home
  • my dream job
  • two dream cars
  • maintained a healthy BMI
  • reversed pre-diabetes
  • tripled clients and revenue through AskDrCris
  • paid off student loans
  • earned two more certifications

There is more than one way to achieve your life goals. I know because I’ve tried and failed until I started using a method with proven results. A method outlined in the #1 best-selling book Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board.

I hope your 2023 is blessed. And better than 2022 and all years prior. If any of my achieved life goals resonate with you, I would love to guide you to learn how to manifest and receive the desires of your heart. Schedule a Discovery Consultation with me in 2023. 

Reframe Your Vision!

There is more than one way to accomplish your goals. However, one of the biggest challenges in manifesting your goal, dream, or vision is when you limit your mindset. In your mind, you paint a picture of how you perceive goal achievement.

Don’t question the how, and don’t put limits on what God can do for you. Focus your energy, thoughts, and emotions on what you want, and allow your blessing to unfold.

I’ve had to reframe visions more times than I would like to admit. But the beauty is once I shifted my mindset blessings began to flow.

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of reframing your vision and shifting your mindset. Skills you can learn when you enroll in Spiritual Vision Board Academy. Think about how 2023 can be different from 2022 and every year prior. Schedule a SVB Discovery Consultation with me. 

SVB Academy Consultation

Called Out on LinkedIn

Someone on LinkedIn called me out as a vision board enthusiast. And although I agreed with some of what she said, I had to correct her by sharing the difference between traditional vision boards and spiritual vision boards. This is what I shared in my response.

Yes, I’m big on vision boards. However, I refer to them as spiritual vision boards because of the spiritual connection with FAITH and manifesting your VISION.

Yes, they do work. I was blessed with my husband 4 months after turning my vision board into a spiritual vision board. I’ve owned 2 dream cars, Randy (my husband) and I own a fabulous dream home. My health has improved, and we have both seen increases in our finances. This year has been the most successful year for my business. I’m so thankful and blessed.

If you are interested in learning more about transitioning from a vision board to a spiritual vision board, consider picking up my #1 best-selling book Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board, or enroll in my masterclass – Spiritual Vision Board Academy! Here’s the link…

Spiritual Vision Board Academy

What’s Stopping You?

What’s stopping you from achieving the life that you desire? Is it:

  • Fear
  • Lack of commitment
  • Doubt
  • Feeling Unworthy

Let me assure you that God has a great plan for your life. Jeremiah 29:11 shares a promise that God made directly to YOU! This promise states that He “plans to prosper you… and give you hope and a future.”

God has declared this promise specifically for you, so there is no reason for you to feel unworthy because God says you are. There is no reason to doubt and fear that your blessing might not come to pass because God has declared that it will.

So perhaps you need a little motivation to commit to manifesting and receiving God’s great plan for your life. I would love to show you how I was blessed to manifest and receive:

  • my soulmate
  • our dream home
  • my dream job
  • 2 dream cars
  • and more!

If you’re tired of trying to figure it out on your own, let me help you learn how to manifest and receive what God has for you in 4 easy steps. Early Bird pricing starts this week. Don’t miss out on your blessing. Enroll in Spiritual Vision Board Academy.

Right Around the Corner!

Before I was blessed with my husband Randy, I would complain to my mom about not having a husband. And her response was always the same, “he’s right around the corner”.

As my 20s, and 30s went by with no prospects, I was in my 40s when God blessed me with the love of my life.

Some of you have heard this story before, but I’ll share it again for those who haven’t. Only 4 months after I developed my spiritual vision board, I met Randy, and we’ve been blissfully together for more than a decade.

What I’m sharing with you is not to give up! Your blessing is literally right around the corner. And I would love to help you turn that corner by using an easy 4-step process that helped me manifest the desires of my heart. Not only my wonderful husband Randy but also a healthy lifestyle, our dream home, and more.

Allow me to share something about my healthy lifestyle that may interest you. With this being Diabetes Awareness month, I suffered for years with pre-diabetes. After working with a fabulous functional nutritionist, I’ve not only managed to lose weight and keep it off, but I’ve also reversed pre-diabetes. I know that I must remain diligent to continue with this new improved lifestyle.

You know what they say, when you have your health, you have everything. And having someone special like Randy to spend the rest of my life with means everything.

If my story sounds like something that might change your life, then I have something just for you that’s launching Black Friday. Email me at if you are interested in learning more or you can enroll in Spiritual Vision Board Academy by clicking on the link below.

Spiritual Vision Board Academy

You Can Conquer Fear

Fear is the biggest challenge that can hinder you from achieving your goals. Specifically, if that goal is landing your dream job.

Know that fear is a mindset that can be shifted and redirected. All you need to do is acknowledge and deal with it head-on. One of my favorite quotes about overcoming fear is by Joyce Meyer. She says, “Do it Afraid.”

But sometimes redirecting your mindset to overcome fear and the process of getting started can be a little more than you can handle. If this is true, I’ve developed an easy 4-step plan to ease you into redirecting your mindset and landing your dream job.

If this resonates with you, I have something just for you that’s launching Black Friday. Just email me at if you are interested in getting started NOW.

Having Trouble Achieving Your Goals?

Research tells us that 80% of people never set goals. Of the 20% that do, 70% fail to achieve their goals. Achieving your goal can be easier than you think if you have a system or plan. There is an easy 4-step plan that I have used for more than a decade to achieve every goal that I desire. This plan includes the following steps:

1. Ask

2. Believe

3. Receive, and

4. Revise

These steps make up the easy 4-step plan of the spiritual vision board process.

There are several reasons why people fail to achieve their goals, but typically, for those who have tried my 4-step plan or a similar one, it’s likely one of these steps was missed or not applied correctly.

But that’s where I can help. There hasn’t been a goal that I desired and have not achieved and manifested. I can say the same for my clients. Can you say the same? Have you been able to achieve your goals? If not, let me help you.

I would love to share with you how to implement these 4 easy steps so that you can achieve your goals, dreams, and desires of heart.

If this sounds like something that could change your life, then I have something just for you that’s launching Black Friday. Email me at, if you’re interested in getting started NOW.