#MeaningfulMonday: My Primary Frustration about Ask Believe Receive!

  For this #MeaningfulMonday I would like to share with you one of my primary frustrations, specifically in regards to the phrase ask believe receive. I get very frustrated when someone uses a phrase that they did not create, but states it over and over as though it was their own. For those of youContinue reading “#MeaningfulMonday: My Primary Frustration about Ask Believe Receive!”

There is no secret behind "The Secret"

  There is no secret that we all desire to have a better life. Better relationships, better health, simply a better lifestyle. So how can we be blessed with the desires of our heart? Without question, your spirituality has everything to do with it. And learning how to use the law attraction will transform yourContinue reading “There is no secret behind "The Secret"”

Words of Wisdom to Change your Life

What do you desire more out of life? Perhaps more peace, prosperity, love, these blessings and more can be yours – yes it’s true if you open your heart and your mind to a new perspective on life. Actually, this concept isn’t new, it has been around for hundreds of years, but take a fewContinue reading “Words of Wisdom to Change your Life”