"Think and Grow Rich" #3 Going the Extra Mile

Continuing with our series on Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” this week’s principle of personal achievement is on going the extra mile. Mr. Hill states that this principle will lead to greater self reliance and definite of purpose. But that is just some of the attributes that going the extra mile can accomplish forContinue reading “"Think and Grow Rich" #3 Going the Extra Mile”


Job Opportunites

Major Account Executive Job    Akamai Technologies San Mateo, CA   Director Product Marketing – Media/CDN Job     Akamai Technologies Cambridge, MA   Senior Industry Marketing Manager – Media and Entertainment Job   Akamai Technologies Cambridge, MA    Dir-Accessory Products     Verizon Wireless NJ   Sales Systems Manager- National Distribution    Verizon Wireless NJ   Continue reading “Job Opportunites”

A Career as a Pharmacist?

Have you ever considered what could happen if a pharmacist was not available to fill your prescription at your local drugstore, or to recognize medication errors if you are taking multiple prescriptions?  This scenario could be a reality.   Since the healthcare industry is one field that career experts have predicted to continue to be onContinue reading “A Career as a Pharmacist?”

Great Career Tip #3 – Who’s your role model? – Get a mentor

Hello All, It’s week 3 of my series on the Greatest Career Tips that I ever received, and this week I have a special treat for all of you. This tip can provide personal insight on how you can grow personally and professionally in your career. If you know a friend or colleague who couldContinue reading “Great Career Tip #3 – Who’s your role model? – Get a mentor”