Invest in Yourself

  Whether you are one of the recent downsized employees who have lost a job due to this ongoing recession or if you are someone who is experiencing some level of frustration in their current job and you’re considering a career transition, the time is now to begin investing in yourself and your future.  Continue reading “Invest in Yourself”


What Should You Do With the Rest of Your Life?

What is your purpose in life? What is it that you believe you were created to do? Your life has meaning your life has a unique purpose, a purpose that only you can fulfill. Once you tap into your passion and purpose the world becomes yours for the taking. If you are struggling with plansContinue reading “What Should You Do With the Rest of Your Life?”

Welcome to My New Website!

Hello all, and welcome to my new website. As “The Dream Job Doctor” I have shared helpful tips and advice to develop your career and assist you in making the most out of your employment experience. As we all know, there is a connection between our careers and our lives, between our passion and ourContinue reading “Welcome to My New Website!”

When Passion Meets Purpose

In revealing your authentic self and knowing what God has in store for you, He gently guides you through life slowly opening and closing doors of opportunity which allows you to gain just the right experience and meet just the right people. Through this journey of discovery you encounter mini missions and if you areContinue reading “When Passion Meets Purpose”