FREE WEBINAR: Secrets of the Spiritual Vision Board

Curious to learn more about the Secrets of the Spiritual Vision Board? Based on the #1 bestselling book Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board, this FREE webinar shares with you insight to create your own spiritual vision board. Specifically you can expect to learn the following: The connection between God’s promises, biblicalContinue reading “FREE WEBINAR: Secrets of the Spiritual Vision Board”


4 Steps to Help You Meet Your Goals

  Have you ever questioned why you aren’t meeting your goals? Do you get discouraged or disappointed when you see others living a happy and fulfilled life, and wonder why it can’t be you? Recently I posted a blog post on 5 Reasons Why People Fail to Meet Their Goals. As a follow-up, I would likeContinue reading “4 Steps to Help You Meet Your Goals”