#InspirationalWednesday :Now is the Time

One of the best ways to achieve your goals is with a plan. Through the spiritual vision board process God blessed me with my husband, a new car, a new home, the ability to work at home, a healthy lifestyle, abundance, prosperity, and much much more. Most importantly God has allowed me to help othersContinue reading “#InspirationalWednesday :Now is the Time”


Health Tip Thursday: Move Forward to a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s okay to give yourself permission to move forward to a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Just know that you are worthy of enjoying all that God has for you. For I will restore health to you (Jeremiah 30:17) For more health, nutrition, and wellness tips; pick up the popular dietary lifestyle book How to BeContinue reading “Health Tip Thursday: Move Forward to a Healthy Lifestyle”

Low Carb Diet: The Basics

  From one diet to another, we all have tried to shed a few pounds every now and then. But one lifestyle change that has worked for me in addition to the schoolgirl skinny plan is a low carb (carbohydrates) diet. The basics For those interested in knowing more about this dietary choice that hasContinue reading “Low Carb Diet: The Basics”

Thursday's Tip: The 3 Active Health Components of Cinnamon

  Health Benefits: Cinnamon has long been used as a spice and as a medicine.  The essential oils found in its bark, have 3 active components called cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl acetate, and cinnamyl alcohol.  The cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory agent that helps prevents unwanted clumping of blood platelets. The essential oils found in cinnamon are consideredContinue reading “Thursday's Tip: The 3 Active Health Components of Cinnamon”

How Much Water Should You Drink?

Do you know what is your most valuable natural resource? Well, if you are guessing water, you’re correct. So why aren’t we consuming enough of this natural resource daily? Some would prefer to grab a soda as opposed to a glass of water, or perhaps some other sugary drink. When that happens, unfortunately we failContinue reading “How Much Water Should You Drink?”

The Write Way to Weight Loss: Part 2

In Part 1 of The Write Way to Weight Loss we learned how a baseline food journal can help you to  keep track of a “typical” week of food choices and exercise. In the second half, you will learn the importance of setting priorities to ensure your success in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Set your prioritiesContinue reading “The Write Way to Weight Loss: Part 2”

The Write Way to Weight-Loss: Part 1

  The #1 way to lose weight is at your fingertips.  Writing your way to weight loss is as easy as keeping a food journal.  Yes, it does take time to write down everything you have eaten during the day, but a food journal is important to help you cut down on overeating, for self-assessmentContinue reading “The Write Way to Weight-Loss: Part 1”

How To Win The Fight Against Exercise

      We all know that exercise is good for us.  Yet, it seems there is sometimes an internal war within ourselves—a war of excuses against exercise—that may keep us from exercising instead of moving our bodies.  Here are some common excuses and new ways of seeing why these excuses don’t stack up toContinue reading “How To Win The Fight Against Exercise”