Health Tip Thursday: An Apple a Day….

  Everyone knows the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But are we truly aware of all of the health benefits that apples really provide?  Over 85 studies have been conducted on this delicious super fruit and results are fascinating. Apples are considered to be an anti-inflammatory food; therefore, according to research it isContinue reading “Health Tip Thursday: An Apple a Day….”

Thursday's Tip: The 5 Medicinal Uses of Cloves

Cloves are a wonderful but underutilized spice.  Cloves are native to Indonesia and have been used in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine.  In modern times, medical studies have found that the essential oil in cloves have analgesic properties. Besides adding a distinct flavor to dishes, cloves have great medicinal uses. Medicinal Benefits: Clove’s essential oilContinue reading “Thursday's Tip: The 5 Medicinal Uses of Cloves”

Health Wise: 8 Power Foods to Boost Your Immune System

    The cold and flu season is just around the corner.  One way to be proactive and protect yourself against germs is by boosting your immune system with the following power foods.  Eat more of these budget friendly foods to give your immune system a natural boost.  

Health Wise: Food Cravings

Did you know that your specific food cravings, such as chocolate, salty treats, or bread – is your body’s way of communicating to you that perhaps you may be in need of certain nutrients that could fortify your body. That’s right, your food cravings are actually a great way of indicating that something is missingContinue reading “Health Wise: Food Cravings”

Join Me Saturday, May 16th for FREE Health & Beauty Event

Join me Saturday May16th for a Health & Beauty Event. Get Bikini Ready for Summer at the Spring into Your Summer Body Event.  This FREE Event will provide you with the latest breakthrough in fat reduction by using Ultrasound Cavitation. You will learn how to lose weight, reduce fat, and keep it off. Join usContinue reading “Join Me Saturday, May 16th for FREE Health & Beauty Event”

From A to Z: Herbs for Your Health "Arnica"

This orange-yellow flower which is part of the daisy family, produces flat rosette like petals from a flower stalk that soars 1 to 2 feet high. Known more formally as Arnica Montana, this herb from Central Europe has been used for centuries for a number of health concerns. Using primarily the flower and rootstock, ArnicaContinue reading “From A to Z: Herbs for Your Health "Arnica"”

Health Benefits of Moringa

    Not many of us have heard of moringa, and probably less are aware of the great health benefits that this herb offers. But now that I’ve have been using it for a few months and noticed an overwhelming improvement in my health, I knew that I must share this wonder her. Moringa oleiferaContinue reading “Health Benefits of Moringa”

Great Health Benefits of Chamomile

Usually when we think of Chamomile, we think of tea. But the term Chamomile actually refers to a range of different daisy-like plants, which are a member of the Asteraceae family. There are many different species of chamomile, the two most commonly being German chamomile (Marticaria recutita) and Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile). They have beenContinue reading “Great Health Benefits of Chamomile”

Alkaline Water: Magic Potion or Myth

  Dear Dr Cris, I hear people talking about alkaline water. Is there really any benefit in drinking it? Thank you Ann for your question regarding the benefits of alkaline water. After much research and trying alkaline water myself, I’ve learned that there is not a consensus regarding its benefit or detriment. But perhaps theContinue reading “Alkaline Water: Magic Potion or Myth”

You Are What You Eat: Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk

    I recently discovered the 8th wonder of the world – Silk Dark Chocolate Almond milk. For those of you need a lactose free alternative to milk, you will enjoy this smooth tasting and delicious dark chocolate treasure. With only 100 calories a cup this dark chocolate almond milk is the perfect solution toContinue reading “You Are What You Eat: Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk”