What Business Should You Start in 2014?

With our job market continuing to be a little unstable for traditional employees, it’s not unusually for some to consider their hand at an entrepreneurial opportunity. Although starting your own business can be challenging. There are several positive aspects to look forward to as a business owner that makes it rewarding. Whether positive or negativeContinue reading “What Business Should You Start in 2014?”


Are you ready for your financial future?

With our debt ceiling reaching an all-time, this recession has shown us several things that we could do differently in order to better prepare ourselves for a financially secure future. Such as maximizing our 401(k), considering a Roth, preparing ourselves for a long term, stable career, and considering multiple ways to generate income – notContinue reading “Are you ready for your financial future?”

Great Career Tip # 2 – Create a great business card

Hello All, As mentioned last week, I’m conducting a series on the Greatest Career Tips that I ever received so you can look forward to other great career tips each Friday.  If you know a friend or colleague who could benefit from this series, help them out and  share these tips with them.  I hopeContinue reading “Great Career Tip # 2 – Create a great business card”