Stop with the Resolutions: It's Time For Your 2014 Vision Board

The New Year is a common time for resolutions. Off with the old and on with the new hopes and dreams of what we wish we could change if only we had a little bit more resolve. A few years ago I decided to stop creating resolution that seemed to be about the same old,Continue reading “Stop with the Resolutions: It's Time For Your 2014 Vision Board”


Inspirational Wednesday: Decrees, Declares & Prayers

Looking for a great summer read that will inspire you, encourage you and most importantly remind you of the power of prayer. Decrees, Declares & Prayers written by author Caroline D. Green is a scriptural guide that raises your spirit while comforting your soul. As I read through this timeless guide of wisdom I slowlyContinue reading “Inspirational Wednesday: Decrees, Declares & Prayers”