Career Opportunities June 2, 2012

Hello job seekers! Are you ready to start your summer off right, with perhaps a new career? There is no better time to connect your passion to your purpose then NOW and identify a career that will fulfill you and provide you with the sense of purpose that you have been longing for. Noted belowContinue reading “Career Opportunities June 2, 2012”


"Think and Grow Rich" #9 Personal Initiative

This week Napoleon Hill shares with us why “a winner never quits and a quitter never wins.” Because they know how to take a personal initiative in whatever they decide to do. Interested in incorporating a personal initiative into your lifestyle? Mr. Hill recommends 16 qualities that could help you be a winner too! EnjoyContinue reading “"Think and Grow Rich" #9 Personal Initiative”

Career Opportunities

Associate Director for Statewide Secondary Career – Columbus, OH   Assistant Director for Statewide Secondary Career – Columbus, OH   Residential Life Coordinator Ohio Wesleyan University – Delaware, OH   Assistant Director for Housing and Residential Life- Kenyon College – Kenyon, OH   Account Executive for Automotive Industry – Detroit, MI   Senior Software EngineerContinue reading “Career Opportunities”

"Think and Grow Rich" #5 A Pleasing Personality

Continuing with the Think and Grow Rich series, this week’s lesson is on a pleasing personality. Mr. Hill shares with us that based on our personality others will be attracted to us or shy away from us. And our personality will draw others to us who are similar or like-minded.   I hope you enjoyContinue reading “"Think and Grow Rich" #5 A Pleasing Personality”

"Think and Grow Rich" #4 Applied Faith

Continuing with the Think and Grow Rich series, this week’s lesson is on faith. I am so thrilled that so many of you are being impacted by these lesson. I have heard such wonderful feedback from so many of you; on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, at my hair salon and as far away as Rome, ItalyContinue reading “"Think and Grow Rich" #4 Applied Faith”

"Think and Grow Rich" #3 Going the Extra Mile

Continuing with our series on Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” this week’s principle of personal achievement is on going the extra mile. Mr. Hill states that this principle will lead to greater self reliance and definite of purpose. But that is just some of the attributes that going the extra mile can accomplish forContinue reading “"Think and Grow Rich" #3 Going the Extra Mile”

Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich" #2 The Master Mind Principle

Hello All, This week’s message shares the importance of collaborating through a master mind alliance. According to Napoleon Hill, this principle guarantees protection against failure, and the promotion of financial harmony. Consider who you can partner with to enhance your business. Think creatively and perhaps you can give your business a much needed boost andContinue reading “Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich" #2 The Master Mind Principle”

"Think and Grow Rich" #1 Definiteness of Purpose

Hello All, Many of you enjoyed the last video that featured Napoleon Hill sharing his words of wisdom; therefore, for the next few weeks, I will provide the Think and Grow Rich series that offers useful information to assist you in reaching your career and lifestyle goals. Enjoy,