Looking for a New Career: Considered Bartending?

The Internet has made taking classes convenient. So if you have considered pursuing an education – now is the time to take advantage, specifically if your interest is in the field of bartending. Online Bartending College is changing the professional bartending training with their amazing online certification course. You’re no longer a slave to aContinue reading “Looking for a New Career: Considered Bartending?”


Career Opportunities August 26, 2012

Now that fall is almost here there are quite a few companies that are hiring. Consider what jobs could be perfect for you to connect with your purpose and then take the steps to begin pursuing that career opportunity. Noted below are the latest employment opportunities that have just recently become available. One of theseContinue reading “Career Opportunities August 26, 2012”

Career Opportunities

Coordinator of Student Development                                                 CalPolytech, CA Sr Business Analyst Merchandising Management Systems                  Home Depot Atlanta, GA                      Associate Director for Student Activities & Organizations                    Atlanta, Georgia  Intern Merchandising Packaging                                                       Home Depot Atlanta, GA Class A CDL Drivers Needed                                                           Wel Companies Columbus, OHContinue reading “Career Opportunities”

Dr. Cris' Radio Interview

With more than 500 downloads of my dissertation, this research model on career counseling has proven to be successful. Therefore radio host Bruce Hurwitz of blog talk radio included me in his series on the topic of research conducted on the doctorate level. Take a moment and listen to my interview with Bruce. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/btrplayer.swf ListenContinue reading “Dr. Cris' Radio Interview”

10 Tips for Making Your Resume Stand Out

Guest Post by James Adams    If you are one of the 9.8% of people who are unemployed in the United States, then you need to spend some time making your resume stand out from the rest of the crowd. Employers receive mass amounts of resumes for every job opening and do not have timeContinue reading “10 Tips for Making Your Resume Stand Out”

Start your Job Search here with Careerjet

Following up on last week’s post on real-world degrees and careers that are in demand now and will continue to be in demand in the future. You can now start your job search here, whether you have an interest in the real-world jobs that were featured in last weeks post such as careers in theContinue reading “Start your Job Search here with Careerjet”

6 Job Tips to Jumpstart your New or Current Career

For some of you who are starting a new job, or for those of you who have been at your current job for years but are looking for some new ways to stay on your bosses good side and simply stay one step ahead of your colleagues; perhaps these 6 job tips could make aContinue reading “6 Job Tips to Jumpstart your New or Current Career”

25 Ways to Sabotage Your Job Search: The Interview

Guest Post by Kristyn L. Graham  The interview 11. Showing up late Nobody likes to be kept waiting, especially hiring managers evaluating whether or not you would make a good employee.  12. Dressing for the wrong job Your interview attire should match the dress code of the company, or be one step up. If theContinue reading “25 Ways to Sabotage Your Job Search: The Interview”

25 Ways to Sabotage Your Job Search: The Resume & Cover Letter

Guest Post by Kristyn L. Graham Last week we shared with you the first 5 of 25 tips to help you from sabotaging your job search. These next tips are all about the resume and cover letter. The résumé and cover letter 6. Writing a generic cover letter If your cover letter looks like itContinue reading “25 Ways to Sabotage Your Job Search: The Resume & Cover Letter”

25 Ways to Sabotage Your Job Search: The First Steps

Guest Post by Kristyn L. Graham Kristyn L. Graham is a nationally certified and accredited professional resume writer who has written over 10,000 resumes. Currently she is partnering with Crafted Resume & Career Services, LLC. Kristyn has shared a series of tips that will post over the next few weeks to assist job seekers whoContinue reading “25 Ways to Sabotage Your Job Search: The First Steps”