Inspirational Wednesday: The Best Inspirational Purpose Book

For those of you who believe that you are meant to fulfill a specific purpose in life and have seen your vision or God have planted a dream in your heart. A book that I would recommend that you read is The Dream Giver by author Bruce Wilkinson. He also wrote The Prayer of JabezContinue reading “Inspirational Wednesday: The Best Inspirational Purpose Book”

Looking for a New Career: Considered Bartending?

The Internet has made taking classes convenient. So if you have considered pursuing an education – now is the time to take advantage, specifically if your interest is in the field of bartending. Online Bartending College is changing the professional bartending training with their amazing online certification course. You’re no longer a slave to aContinue reading “Looking for a New Career: Considered Bartending?”

Career Opportunites

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"Think and Grow Rich" #3 Going the Extra Mile

Continuing with our series on Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” this week’s principle of personal achievement is on going the extra mile. Mr. Hill states that this principle will lead to greater self reliance and definite of purpose. But that is just some of the attributes that going the extra mile can accomplish forContinue reading “"Think and Grow Rich" #3 Going the Extra Mile”

Dr. Cris' Radio Interview

With more than 500 downloads of my dissertation, this research model on career counseling has proven to be successful. Therefore radio host Bruce Hurwitz of blog talk radio included me in his series on the topic of research conducted on the doctorate level. Take a moment and listen to my interview with Bruce. ListenContinue reading “Dr. Cris' Radio Interview”