Small Town Girl Wins Big!

Wit, skill, and just plain know how it what Sophie Clark used to out smart and out maneuver her competition in this season’s finale of Survivor on CBS. Held in the South Pacific, the winner is a 22 year old medical student from Willsboro, NY. Clark states that “I think I had my finger onContinue reading “Small Town Girl Wins Big!”


Great Career Tip #4 – Ask for forgiveness not permission

Hello All, It’s time for another great career tip! This week I’ve decided to touch on something that some may consider rude, but is actually a great opportunity to advance your career. So peruse through the suggestion and let me know your thoughts. Enjoy, Dr. Cris        Great Career Tip #4 –  AskContinue reading “Great Career Tip #4 – Ask for forgiveness not permission”