Right Around the Corner!

Before I was blessed with my husband Randy, I would complain to my mom about not having a husband. And her response was always the same, “he’s right around the corner”.

As my 20s, and 30s went by with no prospects, I was in my 40s when God blessed me with the love of my life.

Some of you have heard this story before, but I’ll share it again for those who haven’t. Only 4 months after I developed my spiritual vision board, I met Randy, and we’ve been blissfully together for more than a decade.

What I’m sharing with you is not to give up! Your blessing is literally right around the corner. And I would love to help you turn that corner by using an easy 4-step process that helped me manifest the desires of my heart. Not only my wonderful husband Randy but also a healthy lifestyle, our dream home, and more.

Allow me to share something about my healthy lifestyle that may interest you. With this being Diabetes Awareness month, I suffered for years with pre-diabetes. After working with a fabulous functional nutritionist, I’ve not only managed to lose weight and keep it off, but I’ve also reversed pre-diabetes. I know that I must remain diligent to continue with this new improved lifestyle.

You know what they say, when you have your health, you have everything. And having someone special like Randy to spend the rest of my life with means everything.

If my story sounds like something that might change your life, then I have something just for you that’s launching Black Friday. Email me at AskDoctorCris@gmail.com if you are interested in learning more.


Published by AskDrCris

Hi, I'm Dr. Crystal Green Brown, Ph.D. (aka Dr. Cris). I'm the owner of Ask Dr. Cris, the Spiritual Life Coach & Speaker LLC, which is a full-service Career, Education, Health, Wellness & Nutrition Consulting firm that assists businesses, educational institutions, organizations, individual clients, and students who are in need of transitioning your career, identifying your purpose in life or desiring to live a healthier more spiritual-enriched life. Through my website AskDrCris.com, you can learn more about my #1 best selling book Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board or my other popular dietary book How to be Schoolgirl Skinny. You can also SHOP AskDrCris for other books and spiritual gifts. Through my AskDrCris Blog, you will receive weekly updates on career tips, learn details on manifesting your vision through the spiritual vision board process, in addition to education, health, wellness, and nutrition tips. My intention is to provide spiritual guidance and suggestions that will guide followers with insight on living and maintaining a more prosperous, healthy, and blessed life.

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