It Was Hard to Get Started, But Once I did the Blessings Were Overflowing!

Sometimes the hardest part of starting something new is simply getting started. If you are anything like me, occasionally we can talk ourselves out of the best blessings that we could ever receive because we are just afraid to start something new.

We may come up with all kinds of excuses like maybe I’m not worthy. Or maybe I don’t deserve to be blessed or happy. But once you get sick and tired of trying to do it on your own, you’ll realize that if you partner with God, it becomes so much easier.

My frustration with being single, lead me to recall that God has a plan for my life and that His plan includes promises. One of His promises I began to repeat as a mantra over and over again. Then God reminded me about the power of visions. And how Habakkuk had to write his vision down. In other words, he had to see it. That’s when I realized that I also had to do something different if I wanted to manifest and receive God’s plan. So, my prayer process turned into a visual prayer process – a spiritual vision board process.

In this new visual prayer, spiritual vision board process I asked God to guide me to the man that He wanted me to be with. A man that I could be a helpmate to. An equally yoked man, and man that He handpicked. And the rest is history.

Randy and I have been blessed together for close to a decade. Last year we moved into our #dreamhome. God has also blessed me with my #dreamjob and #dreamcars. The more that we ask and are obedient, the more He pours down blessings. 

This first picture is of me and Randy on our 3rd date, when I knew that God delivered His promise of my husband. The next picture is of us on our wedding day in St. Thomas.

·         If you are serious about creating a vision board that really works – spiritually.

·         Serious about manifesting and receiving the vision that God has placed on your heart.

·         Serious about turning the rest of 2020 into a blessing, then all you need to do is download the free “Getting Started” guide. Click on this link below to get started.

SVB “Getting Started” Guide

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