My Favorite Mantra!

I share a lot about the power of affirmations and how useful they are to developing a spiritual vision board. But I don’t spend quite as much time sharing the benefits of mantras and motivational statements which are the other verbal aspects that are used during the spiritual vision board process. 

So before I share with you my favorite mantra, allow me to share with you what a mantra is. A mantra can be a word, statement, or slogan. Consider it as your verbal calling card. It’s your opportunity to speak into existence the desire of your heart. So with that opportunity, what would you say? How would you describe the You that you desire to be or the opportunity that you desire to obtain? 

Would it be a bold word that commands a breakthrough of your mind, body, and spirit? For example, I know that a lot of people use the one-word Mantra “Brave” or “Fearless” to capture the essence of who they long to be. I love both of these mantras because each is easy to remember and repeat consistently throughout the day to encourage and uplift you. Although my favorite mantra is not one word, I have condensed it from the original prayer that Jabez asked of God so that it’s more specific to my desire and easy to repeat throughout my day.

Favorite Mantra

Enlarge the territory of my service for You Lord.

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