#HealthTipThursday: The Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Besides the wonderful smell and the sweet taste of cinnamon, cinnamon has additional health benefits such as

  • balancing your glucose level and increasing your metabolism to help you lose weight
  • lowering bad cholesterol (LDL)
  • anti-clotting effects on blood
  • anti-fungal properties to relieve fungal infections
  • boosting memory and cognitive functions

So consider sprinkling a teaspoon of cinnamon into coffee grounds each morning.  You can also add cinnamon to whole grain pancake batter and baked apples or toast to receive the wonderful health benefits of cinnamon.

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Published by AskDrCris

Hi, I'm Dr. Crystal Green Brown, Ph.D. (aka Dr. Cris). I'm the owner of Ask Dr. Cris, the Spiritual Life Coach & Speaker LLC, which is a full-service Career, Education, Health, Wellness & Nutrition Consulting firm that assists businesses, educational institutions, organizations, individual clients, and students who are in need of transitioning your career, identifying your purpose in life or desiring to live a healthier more spiritual-enriched life. Through my website AskDrCris.com, you can learn more about my #1 best selling book Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board or my other popular dietary book How to be Schoolgirl Skinny. You can also SHOP AskDrCris for other books and spiritual gifts. Through my AskDrCris Blog, you will receive weekly updates on career tips, learn details on manifesting your vision through the spiritual vision board process, in addition to education, health, wellness, and nutrition tips. My intention is to provide spiritual guidance and suggestions that will guide followers with insight on living and maintaining a more prosperous, healthy, and blessed life.

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