Invest in Yourself

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Whether you are one of the recent downsized employees who have lost a job due to this ongoing recession or if you are someone who is experiencing some level of frustration in their current job and you’re considering a career transition, the time is now to begin investing in yourself and your future.


Consider your current situation. If you are currently unemployed, then you probably have a little time on your hands. Take advantage of this time, and use it wisely to invest in yourself. Invest in the possibility that you have a purpose, you have a destiny and perhaps at this moment you have been given an opportunity to rediscover what makes you tick and what is it that would bring satisfaction back to your life. Don’t look at unemployment as the worst thing that could happen, consider it an opportunity to redirect your life towards the career that you always wanted by providing you with the time to prepare for it.
When we invest in ourselves we can invest in the possibility of a lifetime career, one that you can’t be downsized from, one that you won’t hate going to, and one that reflects your authentic self, one that represents who you could be in a new business venture. Perhaps starting a new business is worth considering.  Now I realize that starting a new business may not be for everyone, but whatever the future holds for you, take advantage of this time to discover it.
Trust me when I say, I realize that not knowing where your next paycheck will come from is scary, I’ve been there and done that. But with faith and a new perspective it can make all the difference in the rest of your life.


Published by AskDrCris

Hi, I'm Dr. Crystal Green Brown, Ph.D. (aka Dr. Cris). I'm the owner of Ask Dr. Cris, the Spiritual Life Coach & Speaker LLC, which is a full-service Career, Education, Health, Wellness & Nutrition Consulting firm that assists businesses, educational institutions, organizations, individual clients, and students who are in need of transitioning your career, identifying your purpose in life or desiring to live a healthier more spiritual-enriched life. Through my website, you can learn more about my #1 best selling book Visual Prayer: How to Create a Spiritual Vision Board or my other popular dietary book How to be Schoolgirl Skinny. You can also SHOP AskDrCris for other books and spiritual gifts. Through my AskDrCris Blog, you will receive weekly updates on career tips, learn details on manifesting your vision through the spiritual vision board process, in addition to education, health, wellness, and nutrition tips. My intention is to provide spiritual guidance and suggestions that will guide followers with insight on living and maintaining a more prosperous, healthy, and blessed life.

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