What Business Should You Start in 2014?

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With our job market continuing to be a little unstable for traditional employees, it’s not unusually for some to consider their hand at an entrepreneurial opportunity. Although starting your own business can be challenging. There are several positive aspects to look forward to as a business owner that makes it rewarding.

Whether positive or negative your business needs to reflect a particular demand in the market place in order to be profitable.  Additionally when selecting your new business, consider products and/or services that you’re not only knowledgeable about but you’re also passionate about. It’s your passion and uniqueness that will make your business grow.

If you already own a business it may not be a bad idea for you to consider extending you brand to an area where you’ve grown better acquainted with due to your businesses’ need to adjust to customers demand. For example, when I extended my brand from Dr. Cris the Dream Job Doctor to Dr. Cris the Dream Life Doctor, I began to assist clients with their health, wellness, and lifestyle needs. Specifically I have assisted several clients with the challenge of losing weight and managing their health conditions.

Social Media and the use of technology has played a huge role in the visibility of my consulting firm and because of that I have also assisted clients in their efforts to gain more exposure via social media and by establishing their brand. All of which is paramount when starting your business.

So what are those great business ideas for 2014?

Here’s a great opportunity for you to get a jumpstart on your new business for 2014. Keeping in mind the suggestions that I have shared above, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit you may want to take a look at the list noted below. According to entreb.com they have comprised a list of the top 25 most likely startups for 2014. Based on their research the latest trends in technology will have a huge impact on business opportunities.  My advice is to do your research, check out the competition, and don’t quit your day job yet. Or at least not until you have exceeded your financial expectations and have put more than you need away for your long term goals. Good Luck!  


1. Mobile apps development

2. Online reputation management (ORM).

3. Search engine optimization (SEO) services.

4. Social media marketing services.

5. Content creation and marketing services.

6. Virtual office assistance.

7. Business process outsourcing.

8. Website design and development.

9. Website flipping.

10. Cloud hosting.

11. Digital publishing and advertising.

12. Digital advertising brokerage

13. Video production and animation.

14. Graphic and infographic design.

15. Photography and image consulting.

16. eCommerce store.

17. Data privacy and security services.

18. Online webinars.

19. Online business coaching.

21. Email marketing.

22. Affiliate marketing.

23. Referral and network marketing.

24. Blogging.

25. Conversion rate optimization.


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