Inspirational Wednesday: Spiritual Gift of Exhortation


Acts 13:15

After the reading from the Law and the Prophets, the leaders of the synagogue sent word to them, saying, “Brothers, if you have a word of exhortation for the people, please speak.”

Those of you who are blessed with the spiritual gift of exhortation are a blessing to others. You have the keen insight to know exactly how to uplift someone with the right words of encouragement to make them feel empowered.

Skilled on bible principles, the exhorter uses their wisdom to provide counsel to comfort or uplift those who are weary or broken hearted. By providing them with a biblical perspective on their situation and then reminding them of God’s love, the exhorted delivers peace to guide others through any situation by His grace.

Exhorter’s positive qualities include:

  •   Being an encourager and motivator
  •   Seeing trials as growth opportunities
  •   Giving thanks for all situations
  •   Knowledgeable of biblical principles and how to apply them
  •   Having a keen insight on how to assist others in their spiritual trials


If most of the qualities noted above describes you, perhaps you possess the gift of spiritual exhortation. Consider to what extent God is using you as an exhorter – and just how much you desire to use your gift in this area to exhort others. By answering that question it should be clearer to you if you possess the spiritual gift or not.  

I hope this post on the spiritual gift of exhortation was helpful to you. Noted below is a closing scripture that also shares additional insight on this spiritual gift. Enjoy!


Hebrews 13:22-23

Brothers and sisters, I urge you to bear with my word of exhortation, for in fact I have written to you quite briefly. I want you to know that our brother Timothy has been released. If he arrives soon, I will come with him to see you.




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