What’s the Meaning of Numbers?

Guest Blog by Valerie Delong

Valerie is the owner of Feng Shui Concepts, she is a Certified Feng Shui
Practitioner, a student of the Nine Harmonies School of Feng Shui under Carol Bridges.  She has studied under Master Lin Yun, founder of the BTB school of feng shui, as well as other experts in the field of feng shui.You can find Val at


 As I sat down to write this month, I wondered what the fourth month of the year is all about, and how I can relate it with feng shui.  Then I remembered numerology, a fascinating study of the energy of numbers, specifically 0 – 9. 

Numerology is an ancient science which teaches that each number has a vibration or energy to it and each number represents certain things in one’s life, depending on where and how it’s used.  I’ve done numerology charts for people based on their birth name and date; it’s amazing how accurate the numbers are for showing them things they’re here to deal with in this lifetime.  Some numerologists teach that the shape of each number is significant as well.  There are hundreds of resources online for more information on this subject.  I want to touch upon each number a bit in this column, because I use street numbers/addresses, birthdates, and such when doing a feng shui consultation, as another piece of information that helps to “flesh out” what’s up in someone’s life.


The number 0 isn’t really a number, but a place holder.  It represents potentiality of something, and in numerology it’s the number before or after the 0 that is important.  This will make more sense as I talk about the other numbers in future articles.  Zero is like a harbinger or way-shower of what’s to come, or it can let one know that there is something more to look at or even missing.  Keep in mind that there is no good or bad.  Numbers are energy just like everything else; it’s our interpretation of them that makes the difference, which is why you might get different information from one numerologist/astrologer/psychic/counselor than another. 

Look at where zero shows up in your life; does it feel like it’s about potential of something else to come?  Keep this in mind for future articles…..it’s “good feng shui!”




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