Relax! It’s Ok to take Some Time for Yourself

Guest Blog by Valerie Delong

Valerie is the owner of Feng Shui Concepts, she is a Certified Feng Shui
Practitioner, a student of the Nine Harmonies School of Feng Shui under Carol Bridges.  She has studied under Master Lin Yun, founder of the BTB school of feng shui, as well as other experts in the field of feng shui.You can find Val at

The year is over halfway done already; time seems to be racing on.  I think, however, that time is a matter of perspective, a concept I touched upon last month.

Remember when we were kids, playing outside during summer vacations?  Those were the days of the endless summer, days when we had to be called in because it was time for bed.  These days it seems that we just don’t have enough time, yet there are still 24 hours in a day.  What happened?

Perspective.   As we get older our lives become more complex (and sometimes complicated); we fill our days with all sorts of tasks, having to do with a job, family or personal things, so unlike when we were kids, when the biggest decision was chocolate or vanilla.  We have become managers of our lives, in charge of our own happiness.  And that can be a challenge sometimes.

Why is it that so often we don’t take time for ourselves?  I think it stems from childhood; we were given messages that it’s better to give than receive, don’t be selfish, share your toys, etc.  All good messages, but we got lost in there somewhere.  Now so many people feel guilty when they do something special for themselves…..if this isn’t you, great – celebrate that!  If it is you, it’s time to shift to a different perspective.


You can’t give from an empty cup.  I realized this a while back when I was going through a divorce and life got very challenging.  I was worn out and wasn’t able to be of much help when a friend needed me.  If I’d taken more time to nurture myself during that time, my life would have been more in balance and I could have helped my friend more.  I’ve come to see that there’s a big difference between selfish and self-first.  The airlines understand this thinking; you’re told to put your air mask on first and then help others, because you’re no good to anyone if you can’t breathe yourself!

So, if you haven’t given yourself some quality time lately, maybe it’s time to consider it – and it’s “good feng shui”!


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