A Career as a Pharmacist?

Have you ever considered what could happen if a pharmacist was not available to fill your prescription at your local drugstore, or to recognize medication errors if you are taking multiple prescriptions?  This scenario could be a reality.  
Since the healthcare industry is one field that career experts have predicted to continue to be on the rise and in demand, a possible career choice that provides promise in this unstable employment market could be to become a pharmacist. Consumers are living longer and healthier lives, and pharmaceuticals are playing a major role in aiding to our longevity. The only concern is if there will be enough pharmacists to address our needs in the future.

Shortage of Pharmacist

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, hundreds of pharmacist positions are left unfilled every year, and 34% of facilities reported a consistent concern with unfilled pharmacist positions last year—even now, during a time when employment opportunities are scarce. If you have an interest in healthcare and specifically assisting others on their road to recovery, a pharmacist position might be worth pursuing.
Pharmacy graduates can expect a variety of possible career directions as well as four or five job offers upon graduation. Besides earning an annual average salary of $111,000, according to the U. S. Department of Labor Occupational Employment Statistics, pharmacists can choose from a wide variety of employment settings, from research laboratories to poison control centers to veterinary clinics.

States that offer the highest pharmacists salaries 

Specifically, mental health and substance abuse facilities pay pharmacists an average salary of $122,380.  Pharmacy consultants for scientific or technical positions in management can earn over $121,000. Some of the top states in terms of what pharmacists earn include Maine at $58.40 per hour or $121,400 a year; California at $57.12 or $118,000; Alaska, very close to California’s numbers; Alabama at $56.70 hourly or $118,000 yearly; and Vermont at $56.68 or $117,900. With such a positive earning potential and outlook for the future, a career as a pharmacist is certainly worth considering.

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