Top 5 College Degrees for the Real-World

Considering earning a college degree that will always be in demand? Then you may want to consider looking into one of the following degree options that can offer real-world, work-relevant value.
“Work based learning appears to be the best way for the majority of young people to prepare for the world of work,” according to a Harvard Graduate School of Education 2011 study, which supports the concepts of a career-based approach.   

This type of learning goes hand in hand with how college students gain real-world skills and prepare for careers that are work relevant now and in the future. Listed below are the top 5 college degrees that analysts have predicted will be in demand.               

#1 Degree –Bachelor’s in Information Technology (IT) & Information Systems

What’s consistent about technology is that it’s always changing and transforming our world by improving efficiency and solving business problems. Can you see yourself as part of these solutions? If so, as part of the real-world degree program, you can expect to study topics and gain practical experience that includes internet applications, network solutions, and operating systems. A degree in this field will launch your career as a web developer, software engineer, or business systems analyst.
#2 Degree – Bachelor’s in Business Administration 
The National Association of Colleges and Employers report that 52% of employers will hire graduates with a four-year degree in business. If you know that you would enjoy working for corporate America then you should be thrilled about the prospects of your highly employable future. When considering potential career opportunities, the possibilities are endless. Employment in this field is vast and covers a wide range of opportunities. However, you just may want to consider expanding your niche and tailoring it to include various options just in case you don’t end up in the specific market that you were hoping for.       
#3 Degree – Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care
The need for health care and health related assistance has increased over the years as Americans and consumers globally have lived longer and more vibrant lives. Therefore the need for medical assistance and educated professionals will continue to be in demand. By studying real-world degree programs in this field, you’ll gain skills in the classroom and in the lab that you can later use in a doctor’s office or clinic. Some of the more popular careers that you can pursue with a bachelor’s degree in this field include dietitian, registered nurse, clinical laboratory technician, physician assistant, biological technician, and medical and health services manager.  
#4 Degree – Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement 
Earning an associate’s degree in this field can open a few doors through studies as a paralegal. And according to the U.S. Department of Labor, this degree is becoming more popular to gain entry into this field. But if you have an interest in working on the state or federal level then a bachelor’s degree is needed and the monetary benefits will be well worth the additional two years in college. Typical careers with a bachelor’s degree include secret service agent, probation officer, bailiff, private investigator, warden, FBI agent, and legal assistant. 

#5 Degree – Bachelor’s in Ma

According to the NACE 2010 Job Outlook report, each year employers are asked to rate the importance of certain skills and qualities when hiring possible job candidates, and each year without fail, “strong communication skills” are at the top of the list. 
If you are a college-bound student and communications and perhaps marketing is part of your career interest, you should strongly consider a four-year degree in this field. In addition to studying communications, you’ll also take business-related courses that cover how basic business intersects with communication tools such as social media, public relations, advertising, and even sales.

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