Entering the Promised Land: Tips for Women Executives on Breaking through the Glass Ceiling – Tip #4 Look like You Mean Business

Hello All,

We all know that first impressions are important, so keep in mind what steps you should consider to make a positive impression.

This week’s tip will provide you with just a few ideas to keep you looking your best.  


Dr. Cris

Tip # 4 – Look like You Mean Business – When was the last time that you updated your wardrobe? Does your hairstyle make you look like you’re still in high school? Now look at your nails – yes, both set of nails, on your hands and your feet. Do your nails need professional care? When answering these questions, do you feel as though any of these questions apply to you? If so, then you can’t expect other professionals to take you seriously if you don’t treat yourself like a professional. 

There are no excuses when it comes to presenting yourself in the best light possible. You will never receive a second chance to make a first impression. So when you begin to make excuses such as “I don’t have the time” or “I really don’t have enough money,” consider those excuses as roadblocks that will prohibit you from entering into the promise land and truly applying the executive defense strategy. 
You may have all the skills and talents comparable to Jane, but if Jane presents herself in a professional manner and you appear to be stuck in the 1990s, then who do you think will make the most positive impression?

If you need to hire a professional stylist who can assist you in determining what specific clothing styles would be most appropriate for your particular body frame then do it. If you need to update your hairstyle, and keep it looking fresh, then find a great hair stylist and keep regular appointments. And let’s not forget those nails, yes, on your hands and feet. A regular manicure and pedicure can do wonders to top off your professional look. Ladies, don’t think of looking your best as an expense; consider it an investment in yourself and an investment in your career.

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