Great Career Tip #3 – Who’s your role model? – Get a mentor

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It’s week 3 of my series on the Greatest Career Tips that I ever received, and this week I have a special treat for all of you. This tip can provide personal insight on how you can grow personally and professionally in your career. If you know a friend or colleague who could benefit from this series, help them out and  share these tips with them. 


Dr. Cris 

      Great Career Tip #3 –  Who’s your role model? – Get a mentor

There’s a slight difference between a mentor and a role model; however, both would prove promising in your career. A role model is someone who you admire; they possess qualities and characteristics that you believe are commendable. In some cases you admire this person’s positive qualities so much, that you become inspired to adopt the positive qualities that they demonstrate. 

It may be possible that you may not know or have met your role model personally; however, you may have become exposed to them through the media, social circles, or an organization. Some celebrities have often been placed in role model status, simply because they are in the public eye. The benefit of selecting a role model reflects your desire to make a positive change in your life and in your career.
When selecting a role model consider what they could share with you if you were given the opportunity to meet them and interact with them. Hopefully they should be able to provide you with a road map of their success and how you could use their experiences to change your life. But if you are not provided with the opportunity to make their acquaintance, then you need to select a mentor.
A mentor is someone who you have gained the pleasure of knowing and becoming acquainted with. The elements of a role model are the same; for the most part this person or people are those who you admire and they possess qualities that you would desire to emulate. However with mentors, because you know this person you are able to establish a relationship with them. And it is through the relationship that your mentor can help you to grow and develop into the person, or obtain the qualities similar to your mentor that you desire to possess. 
Barrie Davenport

Recently I contacted Barrie Davenport, who is also a career coach and a blogger; and asked her to mentor me. She agreed and although we have never met personally, we correspond via telephone and email. Barrie has provided great insight into blogging and enhancing the visibility of my blog. Although she launched her business Live Bold & Bloom just a year ago, she has found great success.

Because of the similarities between role models and mentors it should not be difficult for you to select someone who can provide you with guidance that you need to assist you in your professional and personal growth.


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